To all the people we love :

Merry Christmas! For the second straight year we’ve decided to make our annual Xmas newsletter…like this. We hope it gets you in the holiday spirit

couple things :

we had a blast making this! We shot and edited all of it ourselves (except for an hour of photog work from our friend, Kristin Stepneski, who I’m sure now thinks we are slightly insane.

Special thanks to Will Smith for letting us rip off “Miami”.

We are so lucky to have so many incredible people in our lives. We smile every time we walk by our mantle and see all your cards, letters, and photos of beautiful families. Please keep in touch and come see us in Raleigh.

Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Charles


  1. Hello from Turkey!

    This Pennternet is crazy! Just saw your video on a Turkish Triathlon Community!

    Congratulations on F) ALL of the ABOVE!
    and of course the video, hope it all works out for you!

    Any 70.3′s in the near future?

    Good luck with the blog also!


  2. This is such an awesome video. Thank you. So addictive. I have shared it with almost everyone I know. You “All” differently have talent and I Love the Message in the Video as well. I would welcome the chance to have you make a video for my new start up company anytime and I would love to share some great information on getting you started on your Journey of Entrepreneurship… You are great! Thank you again, “Happy Holiday Days”… with Blessings Piled High!


  3. Love your video. Nice and happy beat, makes me in good mood.. Have a nice christmas over there… Best wishes… Brian Lindhard from Denmark. Yeahh.. you are worldwide :-)


  4. What a great-hearted and unusual Christmas greeting;-)

    We are going on our first holiday to the USA this summer 2014 – and we will visit Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

    If you have any places you can recommend so we would like to hear from you ..

    We are a family of 4 from Copenhagen – Denmark

    We wish you a Merry Christmas;-)


  5. We absolutely love your video. My 3 year old daughter keeps saying”in my Christmas Jammies” and makes me play it for her over and over lol. By the way; where did you get those Christmas Jammie’s?? Congratulations!!!


  6. Super fun cette vidéo, j’adore ! vous avez une très belle famille pleine d’énergie. Joyeux Noël à vous et un coucou de la Champagne en France Belle année 2014 pleine d’amour et de folies


  7. Loved this!! Shared it on fb, I’m a Brit so I had no idea who you lovely people were, I just really really liked it! My next door neighbours popped over on xmas day in their jammies and we had a little sing song all thanks to your fun video :) Best of wishes for next year!x


  8. Just wanted to say how fun your video was to watch. I shared it on facebook. If you are ever at Disneyland please look me up I am the Horseless Carriage driver (the yellow car) I drive guest up and down main street usa. You can also find me as a conductor on the steam trains. It would be a lot of fun singing down main street! Thank you for the video Christmas Jammies <3


  9. Penn, Kim, Lola and Pen Charles,
    I and my wife saw your video clip and love it.
    We wish you all the best and a great new year and also for years after that.
    By the way do not be worry about the vasectomy , because it is returnable.
    We are from Iran living temporarily in Portugal.


  10. you are one of the reasons I began to blog! I loved you on the News and love your energy! Please follow me too and let’s help each other! I am a single mom and love your family. You all make me smile! Great energy and fun! Best of luck to you!


  11. Dear Penn, Kim, Lola & Penn Charles,

    My daughter LOVES the Christmas Jammies song! Because of that I wake up in the wee hours of the morning with the music stuck in my head. Thanks. ;) I thought you might enjoy her attempt at your tune.



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