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Greenroom’s First National Ad A lot of you may be following this blog because you want to see what happens when a perfectly secure family jumps off a cliff and trades in that security to do what they love. Well, here ya go. Our first ad together. Written, shot, and edited from scratch. When I left a long term contract, steady money, health benefits and a reliable schedule on the table to try my own production company, it was (and still is) terrifying. But my wife kept saying, "Imagine how much better it will feel to create. That's what you love and that's what you do best." This is the start of a national Ad Campaign for Shari's Berries (dipped strawberries). But really, it's just a really cool story about a 13 year old kid named Garrett. I can't tell you how intimately I can relate to this guy. When I was 13 i was also braced and bespectacled, and spent countless hours in my room on my Synthesizer writing music. I liked girls, but had no clue what to do with that. I NEVER would have had the bravery to do what he did. I bet if i'd tried, I would have grown out of a super awkward phase a lot earlier. Garrett is seriously my hero. One thing I've always believed : the best videos make a connection. That's why we picked Garrett. Here's hoping you feel the connection too, either as a former Garrett, a current Garrett, a parent of a Garrett or someone who wishes they could be more like Garrett. Enjoy. And share! And order your own at


  • Reply Pamela Capo |

    I have been following you since Christmas Jammies. My family really enjoyed and played your video may times. I think you are very talented and wish you all the best in your new career. I am an on-line customer of Shari’s Berries; however, I have never seen the packaging nor tasted the treats. This video is cute, I would suggest highlighting the berries more by showing the name possibly from the packaging and highlighting how beautiful and delicious the product is. Also possibly have the girl taste one showing her reaction to how good they taste and possibly have her sharing the berries with some of her friends and showing their reaction. That will truly drive the message home. Good luck to Garrett. BTW…is that the choreogapher from Dance Mom’s?
    Good luck!
    Pamela Capo
    Competitive Mortgage Services Inc

    • Reply YaYa Gause |

      Very good suggestions Pamela. While watching the video, I was so enthralled with Garrett and his story, I completely missed the POINT of this Ad! Berries? Where did they appear? I saw a gift, but it didn’t highlight Berries for sure. This video was super good, but not as an Ad for Shari’s Berries.

    • Reply pennternet |

      Pam – funny I had the same conversation with my Dad about 10 minutes ago. Our clients were more interested in the story and quite frankly, not interested in integrating the product in any forcible way. Gotta tell you i think it is refreshing and just a little bit brilliant. Tomorrow it goes on their Facebook page to 300,000 subscribers, and they know its from them because it will pop up with their names on it… with these new social media ads, the product is actually not as important as the story, we are learning.

  • Reply Michele |

    Very touching and awesome ad for Shari’s Berries, which are a fantastic gift!! Good luck in your new endeavor! We’ll miss you on the news in Raleigh.

  • Reply Kat |

    So, Garrett rocks and so does this whole ad concept! Way to make that leap of faith Penn and how awesome that you are so supported by Kim. Too cool….

  • Reply Marti Pieper |

    I believe in the power of story. This–this is a STORY. Gotta love Shari’s Berries, too!

  • Reply Kay |

    He rocks! Love it, what a great video to watch when you get into work on a Friday… I feel all happy and motivated now!

  • Reply alison |

    Great job Penn & Kim. Nicely done. Next thing you know you will be producing commercials for the Super Bowl

  • Reply Michele |

    Congrats on another success! It would have been easy to mess up the pure sweetness of this story. You all handled it perfectly!

  • Reply Michelle |

    Absolutely PRECIOUS! What a brave young man. And I love that the whole class is in support of his gesture!

  • Reply Dawn |

    I would have like to see her try the berries… as I didnt know what the ad was for until I read the blog… but i loved the video and Garrett. Great story! keep up the great work!

  • Reply Tiffany H. (@a_tiffyfit) |

    This was a wonderful story! It’s not often we celebrate someone’s gumption and willingness to put him/herself out there. Go Garrett!
    While I didn’t know that this was an ad for Shari’s Berries in the beginning, there’s no doubt at the end and I loved that personal touch.

  • Reply Mosey |

    Hey Penn, I’m nobody, so take this for what it’s worth. Smalllll critique: maybe just a half a second of the shot of the front of the box so that people know it’s an ad about a chocolate covered strawberries vendor. otherwise, AMAZIN’.

  • Reply Serena |

    You have a wonderful wife to encourage and support you like this. “Mad props” to her for her unconditional love and sacrifice. Great job on the video. Even the “voice” in your writing is touching and engaging as you describe your videos.

  • Reply Garret Saunders |

    From one Garret to another….go Garrett! I was bespectacled and braced at 13 as well, way to go! With confidence like that he’ll go far! Great video!

  • Reply Trish |

    Keep producing! Best of luck to you and family. We miss you on the News in Raleigh.

  • Reply Paul Hnat |

    Great AD…..and other videos for that matter….. Shari’s Berries were a small part of our mother’s day this year, and will continue to purchase since they lasted about an hour in my house with my daughters and wife….Awesome gift for sure…..Keep up the good work from a PA follower

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