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Families, how do you REALLY feel about snow days with your kids? We had a snow day yesterday (Wednesday February 12), and decided to use the day putting this together... Thanks to our neighbor Donnie, who drove our car through the cul de sac during the biggest snowstorm we've had in maybe a decade, and our neighbor Ella, who was the only cameraperson outside our family (and she's 13!). Also thanks to that really nice woman from Twitter who made me a floating Bob Costas head. It takes a village to make a moderately amusing music video. Oh and school is closed again today. and I'm sure tomorrow.


  • Reply Melissa Ross Matton |

    Penn–found out after Christmas Jammies that you are a GS alum. Glad to know that as a fellow (non-musical alum –GSE ’84 English). Please join the GSAA facebook group and update your info on the GSAA website. This one is even better than Christmas Jammies! Kudos to you and your wife!

  • Reply Adam Smaltz |

    love the video. I hope you have one in the works about the parents celebrating when the kids are making up school on Saturdays…..Keep them coming.

  • Reply Rachel |

    At first I was really jealous of all these snow days but I’m starting to appreciate living in Southern California. At least it seems like you are having some fun with it.

  • Reply Tracey |

    Love your amusing videos ….
    I’m sure our year round schools won’t be there on Saturday either…

  • Reply Terail LeSane |

    Great video as always. I would like for you to come up with a proposal video. My girlfriend will melt if I came up with a concept so creative & different.

  • Reply Shannon |

    My husband and I got a good (and much needed) laugh out of this! Our kiddos were trying to do high knees along with Shaun T, too.

  • Reply Jennifer Hunter |

    Love this! I can relate! We’ve had eight…. yes I said eight….snow days this winter in Michigan. These along with a new puppy have led to many bottles of wine! The kids do love watching your videos on snow days, so thank you!

  • Reply Linda Chestnut |

    This is great!!! Got a good laugh, after being snowbound since tuesday in Fayetteville!!!!! Miss you on tv Penn!!!

  • Reply Maria Glazener |

    Love it! We got our fair share of snow in Winston-Salem too! No school tomorrow! But the kids sure are having fun! We have no bread, but we do have beer!

  • Reply sheri jordan md |

    Great fun, and making the social media rounds – mine dubbed Doing NC proud AGAIN. Thank you!

  • Reply Supermom |

    Man, I wish it was nice enough outside here when they cancel school! We get cancelled when it’s -50 windchill outside … playing outside ain’t gonna happen!

  • Reply Sherry Rupe |

    Cute, but could have done without the bullet to the head gesture. I know people think it is cute and funny, but to someone who has lost a loved one to death by suicide, not even funny.

    • Reply pennternet |

      really good point, something i didn’t think about, and something I will absolutely consider in the future. thanks so much for commenting..

  • Reply yellowishcanary |

    So funny! I know a lot of our friends and family in the midwest and east coast can relate to this.

  • Reply Sadie C |

    Ha, too funny! I don’t have kids but this reminds me of what it was like growing up and what we used to do on Snow Days. Now snow days as an adult are much different, you still work although it’s a lot more fun in your PJ’s cozy by the Fireplace. Thanks for entertaining us! And for other small parents, business owners and/or snowmagedon folks, stay warm and stay safe!

  • Reply KIm |

    That is awesome, wish that we had thought of it! Love that we are all doing the same thing on a snow day, going crazy!

  • Reply Kim |

    Who is the woman that plays the neighbor who makes a caustic comment in this video and your Xmas Jammies one?

  • Reply Rae |

    This is right on. I actually remembered the wine and had to go back out for milk and bread. We here in Chapel Hill are really enjoying this new venture of yours!

  • Reply Esther |

    I love it!! We have almost all January like this!!Plus this week!! I am au pair, so close school means a lot of hours working and can go anyway!! Is horrible, I already finished every idea to do with my kids in home!! Good luck tomorrow for you too!! We can share ideas!! bye bye!!

  • Reply Karla |

    Your videos have me laugh till I cried.. I have enjoyed this one thoroughly and have shared with every parent & friend I know especially here in KY… Keep them up as a parent I sooooo enjoy the humor!!!!

  • Reply Jennifer |

    You are freaking hysterical!!! Can’t quit watching the snow day video lol. Love other posts and video also and enjoyed but this one take the cake. I personally like snow days but they are a lot of work and this is highly relatable.

  • Reply A Teacher |

    Really, so you mean that you will actually have to PARENT your children on snow days. As school teachers, my husband and I are disgusted by this video. Try spending that much time with YOUR kid plus 25 more kids five days a week. You are complaining about three kids who belong to you. Get over yourself and BE A PARENT!!

    • Reply Alan |

      Teacher get over yourself. I have taught for over 20 years myself and I love the whimsy in these videos. Plus, the family time in making these videos is quality time. The kids love the attention and the joy they express in the outtakes alone is testimony to the love in this family. The “complaint” is tongue in cheek–stop being so miserable and so LITERAL. Maybe a little humor would enliven your classroom as well. It would apparently at least be a novelty to break up the soulless attitude you project. It might even dislodge that stick.

    • Reply RollsEyes |

      Here’s an idea, if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your fingers off the keyboard and turn the video off. I think you should practice what you preach, GET OVER YOURSELF.

    • Reply Jojo |

      OMG, lighten up – it’s humor. Plus, they are playing with their kids throughout the day. I’m a teacher too, and with your attitude, I worry for the kids in your class.

    • Reply boatmom |

      Exhale and try to see that this is supposed to be…. FUNNY! I am a homeschool parent and I’m with my kids 24/7 and I still find this video hilarious and really well done. Humor is good for the soul.

    • Reply Jennifer |

      As teachers, we go to college to be in the classroom all day long with 25 students and we enjoy it! I also have four teenagers at home, and when school is cancelled because of snow, we too, put whatever we need to do on hold to have fun with them. We all have an everyday routine, with different jobs, different schedules and different lifestyles. Enjoy the videos for what they are and for this great family who, obviously, entertains hundreds of people + some. It’s like a movie, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I personally, LOVE their style!

    • Reply A Parent |

      It’s supposed to be a joke!!! you know something to make people laugh? clearly they love their children and spent the entire day having fun with them making this video. You need to go get over yourself and go get sense of humor! And by the way, I feel sorry for any child in your class. I bet you’re a really fun teacher!!

    • Reply Laura Duncan |

      Um, he only has 2 kids. And I’m pretty sure the shopping lines/sledding all day in the freezing cold/dressing kids/ undressing kids/kids having to pee RIGHT NOW regardless of the 15 layers of clothes that are the difficult parts of a snow day. That’s the point. I’m fairly certain Penn and his wife are perfectly happy parenting their children; even on a snow day. I recommend that you try some chardonnay. Maybe it would help you with your anger issues.

    • Reply vmtdc |

      Really?? I am a teacher, and I thought this video as absolutely hysterical. YOU get over YOURSELF and grow a sense of humor. You’re giving teachers a bad name…

    • Reply C Kevin Mathews |

      My mom is a retired teacher and I don’t think nor got the impression who was not enjoying nor begrudging being a parent. I think somebody may regret being a teacher or at least jealous of people who are creative. I say this because I spend all the time I can with my kids outside of school. Not to mention the pure fact of being a teacher doesn’t mean that you spend more time with your OWN kids as my mom spent less time with me growing up than I do with my kids giving the fact she was working on her planner or grading papers for her “kids” lighten up this was a funny creative video and I dare say his kids looked like they were having a blast and it certainly didn’t look like this was a first… Besides that this family has put out several videos with the entire family and I would say that is spending time with his kids… If you hate your job or regret it quit move on become a professor for I promise you they never spending any time with there students I know I have two majors and saw my professors in class less than I did out of it… Lighten up life is too short…

    • Reply kelly |

      I loved the video and think your comment is so rude, YOU choose to be a teacher, if you don’t like being around 25 kids a day, then get a different job, he is a great parent and you can see that in the videos, get over yourself, you and your husband, he and his family are having fun and doing the video together, as a family and you are a prude. the only job in the world, besides congress, that gets every holiday, and snow days off and still only works 182 days a year, you should be teaching because you love to teach and for no other reason. I like so many work holidays and weekends, and when we have a snow day, I pay out more then i make for a sitter for my kids, i am not complaining, i love my kids but i have to work and i work hard, (I don’t have tenure and a sub to do my job in my absence) but when i am home with my kids I am there doing all i can to raise them right, with respect for others, i take them to music class, to scouts, to baseball and out for fun, you spend half of your work day with our children, they have lunch, art, gym, recess and many other thing that they do in school that you are not with them, so i say again get over yourself and enjoy the video for what it is a fun, sarcastic, song about a snow day.

    • Reply Also a teacher |

      Wow. Get over yourself and learn to laugh a little. Glad my kids aren’t in your class.

    • Reply Killian94 |

      Oh please. To “A Teacher” can’t you laugh ? I’m a teacher too and I found it funny. Yes, we have 30 kids in our classrooms, but parenting and teaching are not one and the same. This video was supposed to be funny, a joke. I hope you aren’t always that serious in your classroom. Lighten up!

    • Reply Michael Cassera |

      Wow! You get disgusted really easily. If you can’t see this as a tongue in cheek, fun, creative activity that the whole family was involved with and had a final product the kids would be proud of, then maybe teaching isn’t the right vocation for you.

    • Reply SEC |

      I am glad you are not one of my kids’ teacher. Please find another profession and leave educating our youth to creative, fun and good-natured teachers.

    • Reply my teachers ruined school |

      They didn’t send their kids outside alone. They had other kids from the neighborhood over. They were sledding with their kids.
      Really, if it’s such a chore to be with 25+ kids every day & you have NO sense of humor please find a career where you aren’t scarring kids for life.
      –my teachers ruined school

    • Reply John |

      I wish I knew where you taught so I could pay kids to ruin your days for years to come. Get a life!!

    • Reply littlestar4 |

      You should probably get off the internet and go to sleep at 3:17 a.m. you are obviously over tired and grouchy. This was not meant to be taken seriously as a complaint about having to parent their children. It was simply a fun thing to do with their kids and get a laugh at the same time. They appear to be very happy to be spending time with their kids. You -on the other hand- need to consider a career change. Obviously, you have become a bitter, mean-spirited insomniac.

    • Reply kerry |

      Shame on you teacher. Hope my kid never ends up in your room. You should not be a teacher if you can’t find the humor in this. Kudos to the holderness family – we rocked our snow/valentines day in our Christmas jammies! Keep up the good work!

    • Reply Rhonda |

      Wow… glad my kids weren’t ever in your class. Sounds like you hate your job and probably the kids too! You’re “disgusted”? Please. I see a happy family who used the snow day to spend time together. You and your teacher husband might want to look for something else to do.

    • Reply tmw |

      Oh my gosh! I am a teacher and a parent and found this video Hysterical! They are parenting their children and having fun doing it! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!

    • Reply JJ |

      I’m very glad so many other teachers replied. My wife and I are both elementary classroom teachers in NH and we love the Holderness videos. Penn and Kim are clearly winning at parenting as they model fun, creativity, and teamwork with their children. Those two kiddos (and neighbors) probably had the best snow day of anyone they know. This isn’t just parenting, it’s super-parenting.

    • Reply Nicole |

      You are rude…its all in good fun. Oh yes and “as a teacher” you chose to teach 25 kids 5 days a week. Jokes on you.

  • Reply Kelly McLean |

    Love this video! My husband and I recently become foster parents to 3 girls so Snow Days have a whole new ring to them now that we have kids! Thanks for a good laugh!!

  • Reply Taylor Metz |

    Ok, one more reason my kids want to move back to Raleigh now. Trying to convince my San Fran boss we need you to come make a video!

  • Reply Adrian Bambery |

    Love this! I think we’ve had 8 snow days this year. We’ve had so much snow (around 40″ for the winter season) even our kids are board with sledding! Starting next week they have to go to school an extra hour until mid March to make up what they’ve missed.

  • Reply Amber |

    Totally relate! 3 days of school closings and hubby was out of town this week! Was so glad when I sent her off to school and I headed to work lol. Can’t imagine trying to entertain more than 1 for 3 days!!!

  • Reply Barbara Kallas |

    I love you guys!!! You just brightened my miserable snow day stuck in the house with my 5 KIDS 😉 cheers to NO MORE snow days!!!

  • Reply Mike S |

    Yeah, that pretty much sums it up here in Chapel Hill also. Thought my son is very much enjoying extra Minecraft time.

  • Reply Kari |

    HAHAHA! We feel you in Louisiana! We have had 4 ICE days this year! So, minus the playing in the snow part…..we feel ya! LOL

  • Reply Jane Stone |

    Please tell me you ended your song with an Adam Sandler salute to “sloppy joes.”

  • Reply Karen * |

    Thank you for making me laugh while trapped in my house. Now, where’s that wine bottle?

  • Reply Alli Creek |

    LOVE this! You guys are so much fun! We are still randomly singing “Christmas Jammies” around our house–seeing how we’re still wearing them! : / Thoroughly enjoy what you’re doing!

  • Reply Jennifer Sodt |

    Great videos! Also…that neighbor gal…she’s like a Niles (Frazier) or a Kramer (Seinfeld)…a supporting character, but adds so much! My kids and I walk around the house randomly imitating her with “Are those Christmas jammies?” Now we’ll be going “you’re sledding WAY too fast!”

    • Reply Karen Robbins |

      As a single mother of two special needs children, I dread snow days :) Not because I don’t want the extra time with my children (5 in all + 4 grandsons and 3 sons-in-law) but because they love school and need the structure. A snow day throws of their entire psyche. The video made me laugh because the in-out-in-out of their kids and neighborhood kids mirrors our snow days! Thanks for an entertaining video!

  • Reply Debbie L. |

    you guys are so talented. I wish you success with your business….more videos, please!

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