I remember the last time Ellen hosted the Oscars. It was seven years ago, and we had just had our first child… which means that during Oscar season, Kim was in her third trimester and there was NO better place to take her than a dark, climate controlled room. So we saw every single best picture nomination, even a few foreign films and documentaries. We were movie buffs, and we were better for it. MOVIES ARE AWESOME.

Seven years later, well, just watch the video. We have an incredibly active family (thankfully) but not so much with the movie watching….


  1. I have a 7 year old and I haven’t seen a single oscar movie either.LOL someday but for now I too now frozen all too well.

  2. Another great video! You always make me smile and laugh! Btw not seen any of the Oscar movies either and I don’t even have kids lol

  3. Hello Penn! You guys are the best! My family loves all your videos! VERY FUNNY! Thank you!

    I DO have a question for you, if you might be able to help! You used to host a funny segment on 17 about kid sports in the area. One of those about 3-4 years ago was at our Cleveland community soccer game. My son (who was 4-5 at the time) was in it. We recorded it on a DVR we had…but unfortunately that DVR died and we no longer have a copy of it. Is there any way I might be able to get a copy from the station somehow? If so, can you direct me to whom I can/should contact? Our family would GREATLY appreciate it!

    Thanks again for all the fun!!!

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    I’m not sure how many of you have seen this amazing blog. I first discovered this family when they released the “Christmas Jammies” video over the holidays. This family is spectacular and I adore the parents for their values of parenting, fitness, comedy and fashionable pajamas. Their newest video definitely speaks to me and my hubby as the parents of a small child. I thought at the least, some of you can appreciate their take on Oscar season.

  5. Love this! Don’t think we’ve seen a single Oscar movie since taking my 25 year old to see the Little Mermaid! Actually, I was surprised that night by realizing I’d seen Captain Phillips – I think our youngest (11 and loves your videos!) must have been at a sleepover…..there’s hope, but by then you won’t be able to stay up past 9 o’clock anyways! Seriously, 3 hour movies, what are they thinking?!?!

  6. I always love your videos. Your neighbor is the best. We also haven’t seen any Oscar movies because the kids keep us so busy. Keep the videos coming.

  7. omg still LOVE your neighbor! sooo funny!!! your video is just as good the 12th time now that Ive watched it!! :)))))

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