About the The Holderness Family

Penn at WNCN - he's the evening news anchor in Raleigh.

Penn at WNCN – he was a fancy shmancy news anchor

Penn  Holderness is an 18 year veteran of the TV business. Since college (UVA) he’s been a sports director in Colorado and Orlando, a TV host for Designer Finals, an ESPN Reporter, and most recently a news anchor in Raleigh.

And after those 18 years, he’s decided that he isn’t really interested in about half of the things he talked about on the news.  So he quit!  He now runs a video production/digital marketing company (www.VisitTheGreenroom.com), and is using this blog to showcase the 100% of things he actually cares about.

Penn is married to Kim Dean Holderness (who is also his business partner).  That means that work arguments are taken personally which has led Kim to perfect the art of passive aggressive behavior. Kim was a television news reporter, most recently at Inside Edition in New York.

They have two kids, Lola and Penn Charles. They eat their vegetables, never throw tantrums in public places, and are always respectful of their parents. (THIS IS A LIE).

Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Charles

Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Charles

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  1. The Holderness family is my 2nd family. Roomed with preacher Jim, dearly departed. From What branch came Kim Dean? Reside in winston salem.

  2. Thank you Penn. Were u at Jim’s funeral? Perhaps we met in passing. Good luck with your career. Looks like you’re having fun.

    • Total coooool Christmas video….
      Greetings from Copenhagen,Denmark, where the video is in our most read internet newspaper with link to youtube.. Merry Christmas and a happy new year /Christian, Copenhagen :-)

  3. I am so in awe of this! You are both so talented, and as a P.R. major and a Journalism minor, in my second year of college, you are both what I aspire to be! You obviously love what you do, and that makes all the difference! I am glad your video went viral, so that I could see both of you. Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

  4. Being a complete goofball myself, love love LOVE the video! I shall counter your shameless plug with my own – if you ever want to take the sites beyond wordpress (and, uh… crashing) I’d love to chat. Cheers! Congrats on the media buzz!

  5. Great video in your Christmas jammies. I Thought you looked familiar… Zen Master Bedroom, Designer Finals in Texas. That was my house. Good luck on the new venture.

  6. Hi Penn- Our team loved your video! As a small business owner, mom and wife, it was genius!! Seeing as though we have a Running Apparel business (and a sense of humor) we would love to talk to you about working together on a project, should you have interest. Drop us an email! Thanks and congrats on the video.

  7. Penn, I just saw your video’s and loved them! I’m from Kansas City and just want to say, if you are ever out this way, I’d love to buy you some bbq and talk. I just graduated from law school after a 10-year career and am going out on my own now too. I think it is just great! My wife and son are awesome to. I’m not really sure where I am going with this, but congrats on an awesome Christmas card and what seems to be a pretty awesome family! Great luck in your endeavor!

    Fred Buckley

  8. This is just the funniest and healthiest thing I’ve seen in a while on the Internet. Makes a guy consider buckling down and founding his own little tribe of creatives! Kudos to one of the most inspiring examples around, in these not-so-family-oriented times.
    From Montreal.

  9. Thank you Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Charles. I had just about given up on being in the mood for Christmas this year. Have had the blues lately and just not in the mood. After watching your Christmas Jammies video I now have a great big smile on my face and just went to the basement to pull out decorations. You rescued me! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to the family and have a wonderful and prosperous New Year. Good luck and God speed in all your families endeavors!


  10. I loved your Jammie’s video! If you bought your Prius V, model 5, used, with about 6,000 miles on it, you bought my car! Small world!

  11. Hey great Christmas video! That’s so exciting that you are starting your own business doing something you love. I wish the best for you guys. I was wondering if you could share to someone who has never created a video what the easiest way to start making and editing videos is? Thanks!

  12. I love your creativity! I am a Marketing Director and I also own my own Marketing Consulting and Event Planning Business. This was genius!!! You put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. Congrats on the Christmas Jammies video!! Best of luck to you and your family. Merry Christmas from South Florida.

  13. you guys are awesome, watched the vids a few times each (not creepy, i promise) – so fun! even more pumped to find that you graduated from UVA! hope you guys come back to the ‘ville so my dog can be in your next vid. #wahoowa

  14. Hi Penn,

    I love the Viral Christmas Card you and your family made. I just wanted to reach out before things got to crazy as I am sure they will with your growing popularity.

    If you are ever interested in creating a custom mobile application for your blog, videos, or anything else I would be happy to discuss it with you. Let me know if I can every help with any mobile application development!


  15. You guys are following your dream and that is incredible. There is so much potential for you guys — the video you made is just starting it’s viral loop…its about to TAKE OFF!!!

    Great job! We hope to stay in touch

  16. My son has gone to about 80 Bar Mitzvahs this year and just had his own on Saturday during a blizzard! He writes raps about each BMitzvah kid and performs them at every one of his friends Bar Mitzvahs. He is good like that. So I showed him your XMas video and asked him if we could make one ourselves, he responded: a) we do not have any rhythm, b) we are not fit like you two and c) he would be mortified! So in the meantime, we will live vicariously through you! Keep rockin’ love it!

  17. I am a UVA grad (99) that moved back to charlottesville 5 years ago to start a family and a business, sweethaus cupcakes! my 3 1/2 year old daughter has been watching your video on repeat since she saw it this morning. after watching the 2013 video several times, she was delighted to discover your original 2012 vid. she has told me she would like to meet lola and penn charles, so if your adorable family ever visits your alma mater, please let me know so we can feed them cupcakes and introduce vivi to your fun loving kids.

  18. Love the Christmas video, and I will become a reader of this blog. Lovely family, and congrats to you for identifying what really makes you happy and going after it. Good work!

  19. Penn and Kim, you two are geniuses. Good luck!
    What do you think of translating your content into Spanish and multiply your audience? As well as providing your services in Spanish to your clients. Imagine you can tell your client that you can also provide the video in Spanish to reach twice the audience.
    <>. ¡FABULOSO!

  20. I love what you do. And i love your family very much!.
    I wish all of you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope to meet you all one day.

  21. Need another creative type who knows the crazier side of promotions and also happens to be a Comedy Magician? Heading to Asheville for Christmas! A NC connection! (My grandkids are there!)
    Love the Jammies vid!

  22. What a freaking HILARIOUS video, and being the scrooge I am I don’t usually buy in for this shameless holiday satire! You my friend are awesomely talented. Not to mention have a rockin wife, and adorable kids. Could we possibly see a patriotic take off to Independence day?! Warm Regards and Merry Christmas!


  23. Hey Penn,

    First off your video was great! Second your family is beautiful. Third I would love to collaborate with you if you’d be interested? I’m a fireman in AZ, and my wife and I make similar videos. Here’s a link to my latest, http://youtu.be/Lp-kc0eatjw I would love to hear what you think. My next video is going to be my 4wk old boys debut. Thanks again for the laughs.

  24. My niece left doing the news after being in Flagstaff,Tupelo and Orlando.She does not miss it all.For the past 2 years she has been at OCU’s(Oklahoma City University) Mass Communications department as an assistant professor Her major area of teaching is broadcasting.

  25. Thanks for showing the world that white boyz from NC do have skillz! Sad to see some of the negative commentary but can’t say I’m overly surprised, unfortunately… Saw on Twitter you’re an avid EPL fan. With all the coverage now I’m becoming a serious convert, which club is best for mid-30 North Carolinians with little to no athletic ability? Congrats on the publicity for living life to the fullest!

  26. Well.. I got to say, it takes a lot of faith and constitution to decide after 18 years to switch careers.. but more should do this. you seem authentic and Happy… and I wish you the best success. May God bless you and your Family, May the path be bright, and May you and yours know peace and prosperity all the days of your life.

  27. Hi Penn, great job on the video – very funny and very well put together. I’m the marketing manager over at Ignite Social Media here in Raleigh and i’m wondering if you would be interesting in doing an informal interview for our blog about the video. You can reach out to me at kieran.wilson@ignitesocialmedia.com or on Twitter @kieranwils. BTW, my first job out of college was also as a reporter in Grand Junction, CO!

  28. Hey Penn saw your video nice job, don’t understand all the haters in the comments. To me you look like you were just having a good time. AND yes my last name is HAYWOOD. Because my first name is Bob I had 7 other Bob’s in my classes growing up all the way from 1st to 12th grade I was always called HAYWOOD! So that stood out when I saw your dad’s name :D Could you private message me your mailing address I want to send you something in the mail I think you might be able to take advantage of.

  29. I am happy your video was brought to my attention and subsequently your blog. My wife, Lauren and I find you and your family very talented and wish you luck in your new endeavors! Lauren and I run a personal training studio together and it is wonderful working with her. We were happy to see fitness play such an important role in your life. Again best of luck going forward!

  30. Penn,

    First let me say that the ‘Xmas vid’ that you did with your family was great. Had me smiling…thanx for putting such wonderfulness on the internet. I am a filmmaker/actor/photographer and find myself traveling quite a bit filming. I think you are located in Raleigh, if so, I have been filming a couple of short films in the area. i would love to connect something…maybe even do some work with you and your wife (assuming she’s also in the biz). Check me out: http://www.ethandavidstudios.com and I do hope to hear from you.


  31. Hi Penn! Do you happen to have a sister named Carolina? I had a high school field hockey coach named Carolina Holderness…
    LOVE your Xmas Jammies video!

  32. I’ve been trying to connect to the greenroom page unsuccessfully. Are you only making videos for politicians or are you expanding beyond that? I would be interested in discussing a potential project that I would like done for my business.

  33. Hi Penn,
    Me and my four year old son stopped you outside Starbucks at north hills a few weeks ago to tell you we were fans. You had a mouth full of food and couldn’t really respond. My bad, sorry for the bad timing :) Congrats on the video going viral, it’s awesome :)

  34. We loved the Christmas video. Thank you. And… my son’s name is Penn as well! It is short for Pennell which is my husband’s mother’s maiden name. We are in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Please let us know if you are ever out here skiing and you can take a run with OUR Penn! (Former National Ski Cross Champ and World Cup!) Thank you.

  35. AMAZING VIDEO!! So fun, and your whole family is talented, funny and instantly lovable. Looking forward to more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  36. You’ve paid your dues are are just now getting to the point in your career where people will begin to take you seriously on the evening news (age and grey hairs = serious street cred) and you’re quitting *before* getting your max contract?? This is your Seinfeld Moment, sir. Fare thee well!

  37. Congrats on truly going viral. I don’t live here, but just checked out your site from Tokyo, Japan. Cool Christmas videos! Happy Holidays!

  38. Hi – what a fun way to fill everyone in on what’s going on in your family’s life!
    Just wanted to say that you may want to add links to your facebook page, twitter, etc so that people can find you & your production company easily. Look forward to seeing more!

  39. Hello Mr. Holderness & family!!I had to do a double-take & I said “I recognize the family!” I used to be a greeter at the Raleigh Toyota store and many times I would see you Penn!! My name is Heather(had a veryo bubbly personality). Me and my immediate family re-located to Charleston,SC but it was so nice to see your entire family in the video!!! Hope nothing but the best for you and your family!! If you guys ever visit down to Charleston, visit the Toyota store and you’ll see me!!!:-)

  40. I think your Christmas videos are very clever and unique! This years definitely tops last years, and makes me look forward to the next few years to come!

  41. Thanks for putting a smile on my face… You truly made my day. I enjoyed your Christmas Jammies and what a pleasure to see a family that truly enjoys what they do. Much success and best wishes!!

  42. Penn – The Xmas video is brilliant, congrats. I wanted to drop you a line because I saw you were in sports and obviously that you have two young kids and to introduce you to our new brand The Small Sports. http://www.thesmallsports.com
    Would love for you take a look, it’s a new concept for kids to teach them about teamwork and good sportsmanship through a cast of fun characters (who are not edgy, over-sexed, sassy, or any of the other things you don’t want your kids seeing:).
    My 6 year old daughter narrated the video on our website…although, I obviously have a long way to go in the media production arena…I’ll take notes from you guys.

    Anyway, just wanted to say my wife and I loved your Xmas video and we’d be curious for your thoughts on The Small Sports (we’re just trying to spread the word and sell a few books too).

    Merry Christmas and all the best.

    Matt Damman

  43. AWESOME! And Congrats on your Jeanne Moss interview… you’re rising to her level of DOUBLE AWESOME. Former journalist in Utah (p.s. Iron Man 3 was the Best IM yet!)

  44. Hi, your video is amazing! Where can I reach you at? I work for a company and I’d like to talk to you about making a video for us! Can you please email me so we can talk about this?
    Have a great holiday season.

  45. Greetings and festive salutations from Sydney, Australia! You are a gorgeous spirit! Love your passion and your style and your beautiful family. Well done on spreading Xmas cheer. My family and I wish you a joyful festive season and superb 2014. Best wishes, Phyllis, Kym (a male version!), Dean (7) and Max (4) xxxx

  46. Congrats on how huge your #xmasjammies video has become as well as your decision to leave your position at WNCN! I’m sure it is very scary and exciting at the same time! I graduated about two and a half years ago from UNCG and while I currently don’t work in the marketing field full-time anymore, I’m looking for opportunities to put my skills into use. Like you, I left my job back in March of this year to follow my dream of working in the marketing/PR field in NYC.

    I’m from eastern NC, where I currently reside, and if you are looking for part-time help for the thegreenroom.com (virtual would be ideal), I would love to offer my services to get more experience in the marketing field. Your jambes movie makes me happy when I view it. Please let me know when the website is back live!

    In the meantime when you get a chance, check out my blog! :)

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  48. Hi Penn,

    How are you?

    My name is Pip and I am the producer for the 92.9 Breakfast Radio Show in Perth, Western Australia.

    We saw the Christmas rap video you did with your wife and kids and we absolutely LOVED it!!

    Is there any chance we can arrange a chat with you for our radio show?

    The best email contact for me is pippa.burgess@sca.com.au – if you are keen to have a quick chat with our breakfast team, shoot me an email. The chat would probably take place at around 4:30pm your time on the afternoon of the 18th Dec. Let me know if that suits!

    Thanks Penn!! Love your work :)


  49. I just had the pleasure of seeing your family’s video today through the local news channel, which then spurred me to find it on the internet, and of course led the finding of your website (the shameless plug worked!). It makes my day when I see happy families who work hard, are supportive, and know that life needs to be fun. I wish everyone could take a look at life and make it enjoyable for what it is, or work hard if they want it to be different. Congrats to you and your family.

  50. just saw Christmas Jammies. today i’m heading home to the US from a rotational job in Nigeria. your video became a part of an awesomely great day. hilarious! do more!

  51. Your family is adorable and full of talent. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you.

  52. Penn saw video on FB. Nice work. Are you a football fan? I am the author of my own Pro football book and Friday I am the fan of the week subject on the John Fox Show here in Denver. Where were you when you were here in CO?

  53. I seldom post to anything. But, i was impressed with the whole thing. I hope that someday, my wrong choices quit chasing me threw life. triathlon, hmm.. sounds like a good place to start.

  54. Good morning from a very rainy, dark and cold England. Have just watched your Christmas Jammies video and wanted to thank you and your beautiful family for putting a huge smile on my face. You guys rock!
    Merry Christmas x

  55. ok…I just got up (at the crack of dawn) with my 6 golden retrievers, and simply had to watch your video again!! it’s priceless, and easy to see what a blast you had in creating it. all the best for you and your family. Merry Christmas from a retired history teacher, who would totally have shown this video in my class~~ :-)

  56. Just returned from Raleigh last night and am so glad I am starting my day out with this video!!! I would LOVE to talk to you when you come up for air!! I chair HelpingaHero.org and we build adapted homes for our severely wounded warriors. Please call me at 832-647-8683. Thanks so much!! Meredith Iler

  57. As I am sweltering here in Australia- just had to say how much I laughed! You know our Christmas jammies do not have hardly any material coz it’s so damn hot- so perhaps there is an idea for a sequel- jammies and greetings ( and lame dancing) from around the world. My 19yo daughter is about to head off to Indiana University to be a Hoosier and I got plenty of ideas for her dorm bed wear!

  58. Just saw your video on the today show….simply AWESOME! What a fun family! Congrats on going viral and best wishes on your new career! From the looks of your video, you should ROCK it! :)

  59. Also, if you need more bandwidth, i would be happy to host visitthegreenroom.com in my datacenter at no charge. I have plenty of capacity until the political season heats up..

    Email me to connect

  60. We have a project that would be fun to work with you on. Let us know. We are in Charlotte, NC. I can send you a contact phone number if/when you email us back. Looking forward to speaking with you. Time is of the essence though.

  61. Hi Penn – Great video! Good luck with the career transition. I similarly left the TV world (production) back in 1997 to start my own business (reviewing movies for parents) and haven’t looked back since.

  62. Loved both your X-Mas vids, Penn! I see you’ve drunk the CrossFit coolaid.
    1st – CrossFit HQ is currently looking for an anchor on their media team (maybe that’s a downgrade for you, I don’t know. But, they could use the talent and humor)
    2nd – If you ever want to collaborate on a video with the most ELITE CrossFit star in the biz, hit me up. I love working with kids! Exhibit A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ykIWhvmjJU
    Happy Holidays, and good luck with your balls!
    -Fitness Lonnie

  63. Great video Christmas card! Enjoyed seeing our hometown (RDU) ties enjoyed by all of our west coast friends via FB shares.

    Continued success and best luck in your new endeavors.

  64. Absolutely loved your Christmas pj’s video! Very cool! Just an FYI, I tried to hit up your website thegreenroom.com & it is coming up with an error. Hope it gets up soon. Good luck and best wishes for your new career endeavors! You guys got skilz :)

  65. Hi, I hope you will have an e-mail subscription or FB page so we can hear about your next video. Such a wonderful family, and what a way to build these memories for them. Loved the video(s).

  66. Wow, it’s nice to see real people going after their real dreams and what focusing on what they really care about. We are cultivating a culture of loving, caring, and sharing at Nerium International and would love for you to take a look. It may be the key to helping a loved one be able to pursue their dreams and passions as you are able to do now.

  67. Hi! LOVE your video. It is especially touching for me to see those Christmas jammies because of a project I am working on that I thought you might be interested in. I started a small pajama company with a social mission: for every pair of pajamas we sell, we send a pair to a sick child in Burundi, East Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. Did you realize that footed pajamas can save a sick baby’s life? Many newborns in developing countries who suffer from temperature regulation issues die in the night, and footed pajamas act as incubators and can save lives. You can check out what we are doing on FB Facebook/bennisongives.com or on our very rough website bennisongives.com. Just thought it would be great to connect given our mutual love of jammies:)
    Best, Sarah

  68. How did you end up with the name Penn? Is there a link to the school? Please tell me you’re gonna encourage the little Penn to apply to PENN. I mean there is a whole bookstore there that caters to gear in his name. #UniversityofPennsylvania – the best Ivy!

  69. Really, REALLY cool video guys. Family is what it’s all about. I commend you for this, it takes a lot of courage…and you certainly have a great deal of talent.
    Best of luck and Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  70. Hi! I LOVE your pajamie video. It’s so original and pretty cool. All I thought was that these people are probably a lot of fun to hang around with. Merry Christmas!!!
    June Stagliano
    Cherry Hill, NJ

  71. And here a brief message from The Netherlands; awesome X-mas vid! We laughed our *sses off! You and your wife are funny to look at (maybe you are too in real life haha!) . Well, we started the day with a smile. Thanks!

  72. Hello Penn – I’m Peter from BBC World News TV. We love your family Xmas video – we’d really like to show some of it on our BBC output round the world – that would include TV, online, possibly even radio. Would you be able to contact me by email (or you can tweet me, I’m @flatpete) to let me know if that would be possible? Thanks – Peter.

  73. I am reading many comments/compliments highlighting how much “fun” you guys had making the video. Although i am sure it’s true, i really want to say that i respect wholeheartedly what courage and guts it takes to change your career and do what you really love instead. Your Xmas-Jammies video is the pinnacle of what mind-blowing creative advertising looks like. Penn, you are beyond talented and obviously extremely hard-working. May God (He, She, It, The Great White Light, or whatever you believe in) give you the strength to keep on pursing what you love and be extraordinarily successful doing it! :-)

  74. So Penn .. As of today you’ve gotten over 12 million hits on your video… whatdyathinkofthat?
    I’ve spread your video thru Facebook posts and love it. When you first came to Raleigh and I saw you on TV you never seemed very excited about the local news here. Because it’s so numbingly mundane? What a surprise to see you and your fam have such a great sense of humor and are so creative! Congratulations and best wishes for what looks like a great career move… But what will you say to all the offers you will be getting from the networks?
    Wishing all the best
    Chip Williams,
    Raleigh, SEAS ’79

  75. Thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas videos, and the short snippet on the group vasectomy. Thanks for sharing it all with us and best success to you both in your new venture!

  76. Thanks for sharing your Christmas joy!
    We can’t stop watching ‘Christmas Jammies’ and when we finally switch off, Audrey (7) recites it by heart.
    We have 42 days of summer holidays here in Sydney so that’s potentially thousands more sing-a-longs with the Holderness family.
    Woo hoo!!!

  77. Penn, I’m pretty sure you emcee’d our Skirt Chaser 5k in Raleigh about 5 years ago! You were funny then, you’re still pretty damn funny now. What wasn’t mentioned in the video was if your wife beat you in the Raleigh 70.3. Hmmmm…..!

  78. Loved the video! I am from Canada, where we are forced to wear the same Jammie’s depicted in your video about 6 months of the year primarily due to the cold weather. We also play ice hockey in them and typically go to the local grocery store stocking up on maple syrup- so if anyone mocks you – think of us in a positive light in the true north strong and free.

  79. Dear Mr. Holderness,
    I write this with mixed feelings. I love your video and think it’s hilarious.

    However, and maybe this is just because I’ve been a teacher for 21 years and have hammered into my head internet safety issues with children, I have to tell you it really scares me how much private information on your children you’ve put out freely available for any crazy predator. They could figure out your children’s address, entryways into house, probably school, etc. Our school district policy is not to post any student’s name (even first) connected with any photo on the internet. Sadly, this is for a reason.

    I hope that my concerns are completely unnecessary, and I wish you and your family all the best in peace and joy this holiday season.

    Sincerely, Kim Miller

  80. Penn,
    We are from Australia and our family is obsessed with Christmas Jammies.
    Can we please mind Lola for the holidays?
    You should sell your Christmas Jammies online and customise the names! Our family would buy them FOR.SURE.
    Nice to see another family as crazy as ours all the way across the world

  81. Love, love, love the video! Have watched it 10 times!
    If u ever come down under to Australia we should do a video together!!

  82. Penn. My name is Guy Amsler. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Naturally, I found you via the viral Christmas Jammies video. Loved it. It’s a small world. Your face had a great resemblance to Jim Holderness, who was the Asst. Minister and youth group leader at Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church in the 1970s. He and Ginny had a big impact on my development into a progressive-minded egalitarian. They even took our youth group to Memphis twice for concerts, Moody Blues and then Jethro Tull. Keep up the creativity!

  83. Totally cool family! LOVE that you’re ‘retiring’ from TV for your home business!! Your family exemplifies what I wanted my marriage and family life to be like. Sending you much love & wishing you the very best & great success with all your awesome endeavors. Keep having fun!!!!! Sheila in Tucson (www.facebook.com/gethealthywithsheila) <3

  84. Hey penn ! I think its very nice that you have so much fun with your familie, I think thats the best thing in the world. I´m a fan from Germany ;)

  85. Your CJ vid is making its rounds through my FBook fam & friends and you have people commenting its tight and they want to be in your fam. Great work! Now your on the spot as we beg for more!

  86. It was very enlightening to watch a family so happy and genuinely full of love. It’s a lot of work to stay that way and you make it look so easy and attainable – you are truly an inspiration to others whether to find happiness in their passions or to enjoy every moment with their families. Your shared humor and creativity is top notch! Keep up the good work and enjoy all the good things coming your way.
    You are blessed! thank you for sharing!!! Can’t wait to see next years’ video.
    Merry Christmas!
    ON, Canada

  87. Love the video! My 5 yr old son does too, he has me play it for him 5 times a day (he is sitting by me now listening to it on my iphone seriously). Can’t get enough. Your guys are great, what personalities. Keep it up! Wish you the best, Jennifer (from GA)

  88. Hi… You now have fans in Brazil! We think your family is awesome!! Loved the Jammies song, you have a beautiful family, my kids Nick (7) and Felipe (4) are also fans!! Looking forward to more, stuff!

  89. Very, very cool xmas wishes! Look forward to next years video. All the best to you, Kim, Lola and Penn Charles for the coming year and hope that you have a ripsnorter of a Xmas. Merry Christmas from Down Under

  90. I love the 2013 Xmas Jammies Video……..fantastic! I’ve shared it with my Family and Friends on Facebook. I am already looking forward to the Xmas 2014 Video. Gina, Born to be Found, Portishead, UK

  91. Christmas Jammies is the most amazing video I’ve seen all year! I must have watched it 9 times. It’s fantastic, I hope you make many more fun videos. but my boyfriend and I watched Iron man3 recently and we saw Kim but we didn’t see Penn, where are you in the movie? we must have blinked and missed it. haha

  92. Hi Penn,
    My name is Chrissy Slavinsky and I am a teacher in Wake County at Alston Ridge Elementary school. I would like to invite (beg) you to come and be our official pronouncer at our school spelling be on January 24th. Schools often ask local TV hosts to come and help out to make the event more exciting… although what could bee more exciting than spelling words, am I right? The students at our school are obsessed with your Christmas Jammies video Christmas card. Well I guess the whole world is, my friends from NY and CA have been posting it all over Facebook. Anyway, it would be SO SO SO exciting for you to be our local celebrity. Our students love the video so much that the teacher in the class next to mine actually got ‘Christmas jammies’ (with a song) as a gift today before we track out.

    The spelling bee will take place the afternoon of 1/24. You wouldn’t have to know the rules or do much besides say a bunch of words… If you are available and willing to help make this the coolest spelling bee ever, please get back to me and I will give you more details. I promise it will be lots of fun!!!!

    Thanks for your time :)

    Chrissy Slavinsky
    Academically or Intellectually Gifted Teacher
    National Board Certified Teacher
    Alston Ridge Elementary School

  93. Ok so we have watched Xmas Jammie’s like 100 times…so funny. My kids are 6 and 4 and when they fight I ask them how come we can’t be like Lola and Penn Charles…how in the world did you get them to do all that??? Awesome….Kris(Lizzie and Jonny’s mom)

  94. Amazing talented family. Enjoy watching your Videos here in Ohio. I must say, It took guts quitting your job. Hats off to you! Good luck in everything! You and your wife will make it on your take on life.

  95. Really wanted to check out your GreenRoom.com site but…error establishing database message popped up. Just wanted to let you know in case you have some issues you’re not aware of. Email me if you’d like some good info on resources for locking a wordpress site down like Fort Knox!
    By the way, I LOVED your Xmas jammies video! So creative and what a fun thing to do with your kidlets! great stuff!
    julie R
    San Diego
    Plus 1ing your page and will add you there too.

  96. Love your videos! A friend shared the snow video on facebook, and I of course, forwarded it on. You guys are hilarious, and super talented! Good luck, we’ll be watching.

    • Hi there! Exercise (walking, running, swimming, or those barre classes) is cheaper than therapy. : ) I’m always happy I worked out but rarely excited to do it. We bring the kids along too if we can. It’s more fun if there is company.

  97. My 7 yr old LOVES all your videos, hence I am now a fan. I think the veggie song has actually helped us, my 7 yr old will now eat 2 carrots and 1 small piece of celery! Thanks! The Watson family

  98. Great Fathers Day video….We loved bumping into you at the airport, the day that our travel plans had been cancelled. You were a fun bright lining when we needed this…my daughter was the one to point you out..as I am saying yes…yes..dear…trying to come up with travel plan “B”. Hope you had a blast in Texas..we ended up at the beach.
    Until next random encounter….keep the creativity coming!!

  99. I might be your first D/HH fan (I’m hard of hearing and wear hearing aids) .. I laugh every time I see your videos and LOVING your back to school video (I’m a homeschooling mom but I still think it’s hilarious!) … I have a huge favor to ask. Is it possible for you guys to put subtitles up?? Please?? Pretty please?? <3

  100. From one Holderness to another, *loved* the “Baby Got Class” video. It’s really cute, and a great way to say thank you. Keep up the great work here.

  101. Greetings from Colorado! Ι’m bored ɑt work ѕo I decided
    to browse уоur website оn my iphone during lunch break.
    I love the іnformation үou present here and can’t wait to taҡe a look when I ցet ɦome.
    I’m surprised ɑt how quick yоur blog loaded on my phone ..

    І’m not even սsing WIFI, juѕt 3G .. Anyhow, excellent blog!

  102. I think you are the epitome of a good looking successful couple thats worked hard at what you have and reared a beautiful real family, if people took a leave out of your book on how to balance life/work/family while keeping there feet on the ground.
    Seen by chance 2 of your Vids which lead me to here, good luck with al that you do and Achieve, you deserve every bit of it. x

  103. You guys are AWESOME way to go!
    I believe you are all the ideal American family so many people desire but with a kick of hot sauce !
    I really enjoy watching you all.

    Thank you for sharing with the public.

  104. Freaking great! Now my cholesterol is up like 200 points!!! I’m telling my doctor on you!
    You all are funnier than a puppy with hiccups. I so appreciate that you suckered the kids into this well before their teenage years. Truly amazing family-thanks for the laughs!

  105. Hi! You guys are so creative and awesome!! Also, which state and city do you live in – the houses in your neighborhood look really nice! Keep up the awesome videos – haven’t come across one video I didn’t like!!!!

  106. Amazing couple, killer sense of humor, great kids…thanks for sharing it with us. Los quiero mucho! Greetings from Colombia (not Columbia).

  107. A friend of mine told me about your Xmas Jammies YouTube last year. absolutely hysterical. we have 3 little ones, 7-5-and 4. We laugh so much at your videos. Just wanted to let you all know, your videos bring lots of laughter to our family! Cheers!

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