| Aug 2014

Baby Got Class! A back-to-school parody

If there was one of those Facebook relationship status options for my children, at this point in August, I would choose “needs to see other people.” On both sides — we literally need to see other people.

It’s been an amazing summer but for our children and ourselves — we are ready for the routine the school year brings.
As working parents we had the familiar struggle of “what will the kids do while we work?” issue on a daily basis.

Our kids had a full summer of camps, play dates, fun babysitters, and a few work trips with mom and dad. We’ve spent A LOT of time with them — and we’ve treasured every (almost every) minute.
Just as much as WE are ready to walk them to the classroom door -THEY are ready to go.
Before they head back to school — my final few days of their summer break are spent filling out paperwork (didn’t I fill this out last year?), buying a random list of school supplies (do the erasers have to be pink?), signing up for committees (I swear this year I’m not going to forget any meetings), and trying, so desperately trying to get organized (THIS is going to be the year.. I can FEEL it).
So here’s our ode to the parents, students, and teachers as we start a new school year in the only way we know how.

  • http://www.studiofourg.com Lorenzo Gonzalez

    You guys are amazing!!!! Your videos definitely make me laugh!! Thank you

  • http://soulseeker21.wordpress.com soulseeker21

    Yet another instant classic!! Love you guys!!

  • http://fitnfabnj.wordpress.com fitNfabnj

    Loved it! And as a teacher I appreciate your dedication at the end of the video 🙂

  • Eric S.

    Best one yet. Awesome!

    Sent from my iPhone


  • Barbara Strickland

    So funny and entertaining. Most appreciative were the words of truth…cheers to our educators who care and go beyond the call of duty to our future, the children. Education sadly is not a top priority in this state, for us this is sad as we moved here for a quality life. The pace, beauty , pace, sense of community are outstanding, but the lack of public education support is shocking. And to think that this state is home to three outstanding colleges..we should do better. Regards, Barbara Strickland- the mommy from the family that ran into y’all at airport in Feb. A canadian living in the south.

    • http://hoovesandhighchairs.blogspot.com Denise

      Hey! A Canadian that says “y’all” instead of “yooz guys”! I love that! ;-). Course, I am a Michigander transplant living in Colorado…..** sigh** I miss the “yooz guys”…….

  • Shelly Jonas

    Love the video Holderness Family! How about a call out to the bus drivers too?! They are a big part of the education system and often overlooked. Thanks!

  • http://www.southernaccentblog.com asouthernaccentWendy

    Love it! Totally how we felt this summer as well – we both work and it’s tough figuring out those schedules! This made my day!

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  • Ruth

    As a teacher, I had to come find your website just to say thanks for the thoughtful words at the end of your video. I wouldn’t call August my favorite part of the year, but we sure do love the kids you send back and are (most of the time) grateful for the time we get to spend with them! Nonetheless, it’s a difficult career – especially when I’m leaving my kids to go teach others’, and your little tribute makes going back a little bit easier. Thank you!

  • Anna

    Thanks so much for the comment at the end about educators. My husband is a veteran middle school teacher and really appreciated your understanding….keep up the good work. We love your videos…we’re still singing Christmas Jammies at our house!

  • http://vintagefrenchchic.wordpress.com vintagefrenchchic

    Hilarious! You were featured on our local news tonight…so of course that lead to an evening of YouTube. Thank you for the great laughs. ( I shouldn’t have watched the one of you in the traffic jams while in bed with a sleeping husband. That was just dumb of me).

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  • Jenifer

    As a teacher AND a mom of 3, I totally loved and appreciated your video! The supply lists are INSANE!!! When I have all 32 of my kids bring in all the supplies on the first day my classroom looks like a supply warehouse! Funny thing is…I never made a supply list! Lol thanks for the dedication at the end…I am one who doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. I am grateful to the 32 families that trust me with their children. Thanks again…your family is AWESOME! 😉

    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      Thank you for all you do!

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  • http://sirenmakeup.wordpress.com sirenmakeup

    Reblogged this on Siren Makeup.

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  • http://www.candyforbfast.co.uk Lola

    This is epic. You guys are my heros!!!

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  • Kai Murphy

    That is so adorable

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