| May 2015
Before You Try

Girls like Star Wars too!

When Lola was born we were drowning in a sea of pink tutus and princess sleepers. I couldn’t have been happier. Every trip through Target I would find another girl-tastic gem … those little socks that look like teeny ballet slippers? I’ll take 12! When Penn Charles was born, I ventured into the baby boy […]
The Design Network - SpaceOff-8
| Apr 2015
Before You Try

A basement intervention (aka a fabulous MAKEOVER)

This is a no judgement zone. So, please don’t judge our basement. It was full of furniture first acquired in college: a chair I found on the side of the road, a table from IKEA’s first collection, and a rug I think I may have accidentally took with me when I moved out of a […]
| Sep 2014
Before You Try

PENNterest: Penn takes on a Pinterest project

Post by Kim, craft by Penn I grew up in an incredibly crafty, do-it-yourself family. Long before Pinterest, my mother and grandmother went to the store and bought patterns to make a lot of our clothes. Before home improvement superstores, my father would take on massive projects around the house.. for fun. The house needs […]
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