| Mar 2015

#BooSwap episode 1: Penn gets a blowout

Okay, it sounds like we are trading partners — but really our goal is to help our loved ones understand our habits, hobbies, and indulgences. This really started when Penn pestered me about getting a “blowout” before a big event. It went like this: Penn: “You paid $40 to have someone blow dry your hair? […]
| Jan 2015

Resolutions will have to wait.

Everything they say about the Flu is true. The “hit by a bus” feeling, the fever, chills .. EVERYTHING. We started popping Tamiflu yesterday  and have made HUGE gains. Just look at the video: today we can all sit upright! Baby steps…
| Nov 2014

What NOT to wear when you meet a supermodel

Instead of writing this, I really think you guys need to hear the story for yourselves. It’s a HolderVLOG (please someone come up with a better name).
| Oct 2014

Dear Chasing Fireflies: Our catalog obsession

(This blog post and video are made possible by a partnership with Chasing Fireflies. If you haven’t seen their catalog, then.. well.. read on..) As an adult — you probably have a favorite store or designer. Penn can lose himself in an Apple store for days. Me? Drop me off in front of a Williams-Sonoma […]
| Jan 2014

More Bizarre Road Trip Behavior

My buddy, Dave, snapped this photo last night as I was getting off a flight in Chicago… luckily he was able to keep his phone steady he was laughing so much… that’s me, in the gaudy Red and White Scarf, at the earliest possible part of the Baggage Carousel. Not only is this ALWAYS where […]
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