| Oct 2014

Dear Chasing Fireflies: Our catalog obsession

(This blog post and video are made possible by a partnership with Chasing Fireflies. If you haven’t seen their catalog, then.. well.. read on..)

As an adult — you probably have a favorite store or designer. Penn can lose himself in an Apple store for days. Me? Drop me off in front of a Williams-Sonoma and I’m good for at least a week. (YES! I NEED a ruffled pie plate in every color)

For our children, it’s Chasing Fireflies. They don’t have a brick and mortar store — but they send these catalogs. THE CATALOGS. They are like something out of a dream for a little one. The clothes and costumes are fantasy-like. I don’t even know how we got on their mailing list years ago but they are our special occasion go-to since their catalog made it to our mailbox.

SIDE NOTE: You remember those striped Christmas Jammies we wore last year? Yep. We bought them from Chasing Fireflies.

Additional side note from Mom on a SoapBox: I don’t know about you — but it’s been harder and harder for me to find age appropriate clothing for my little girl. She’s seven. Does she need an off-the shoulder, midriff baring shirt? A scoop neck, glitter dress? SHE’S SEVEN. So I’m thrilled when she circles a sweet dress in the Chasing Fireflies catalog.

So imagine our children’s reaction when we got a call FROM Chasing Fireflies. It looked a little like this:

Our family will be featured in an upcoming catalog, you guessed it, in our Christmas Jammies.

We put this video together for them: It explains our children’s obsession with their products and how we handle it.

Watch it. Share it. And get the catalog.

  • Laureen

    I agree 100% fining age appropriate girls clothing is a nightmare, I refuse to have my god daughters dressing the way some of the stores want them to — I absolutely love this catalog and get very excited when a new one comes to my mailbox as well.

  • Ketti K

    OMG, Penn Charles in the suit with the pink Uggs. Chasing Fireflies needs that in their catalog for sure.

  • Jana

    You guys absolutely crack me up. I want to be your neighbor! That catalog is insane, and magically arrives at my door all too often. Can’t wait to see you guys in it!

    • http://theholdernessfamily.com theholdernest

      Thanks! There’s a house for sale nearby — come be our neighbor!

  • http://yourmoderatemama.wordpress.com Your Moderate Mama

    I have to close my eyes and throw it in the recycling bend pronto or I’m out hundreds! !!

    I have never let my daughter see it 🙂

    • http://theholdernessfamily.com theholdernest

      That’s why Lola races to the mailbox. I tried that!

  • https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.shoten Stephanie Shoten

    Love it.. Our girls got the cutest Candy Dresses for the Katy Perry Concert from Chasing Fireflies and they were little mini celebs.. 100’s of pictures of them posted on others social media sites.

  • Lynn Mosher

    Finding age appropriate clothes for girls has been a problem for a very long time. I had this problem for both my daughters (my oldest is 31!).

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  • Brandi

    I have a young boy so I don’t have firsthand experience in trying to find decent, proper clothes for a young girl but I know that there have been plenty of times while shopping with my son that I’ve been appalled at something about a piece of little girl clothing like it’s length, it’s shape, it’s cut, a 2 piece bathing suit for a toddler, etc. I’m a big blog reader and vlog watcher and it seems that girl clothing is a hot spot for many parents. I’ve came across a blogger who was venting about her daughter’s shorts in seam, or lack thereof, really. Her blog post garnered lots of comments and attention including that of Target, the Today Show and several others. Target also read all the comments on her blog made by other parents and has made a vow to hear those complaints/concerns and look at how they can make positive changes. I’m giving you the link to her latest blog post on the topic but in that post she links the other postings she’s had in the past as well so you can read those, too, if you wish to. I can confidently say that there are many other parents who feel your same displeasure with the look of little girls clothing.


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