| Feb 2016
Man Cave

Diamonds are Forever. But Tattoos are cheaper. And foreverER.

This is the 11th Valentines Day with my wife.  The first 10 have been very standard, and very predictable.  Flowers.  Dinner.  A card.  The card is the most important thing to her, which makes sense.  We eat dinner every day, and we see flowers every day.  I write with my hand so infrequently now that I cramp up while doing it – how sad is that? So a card is something special.  But again, if you are doing the same thing every year, it can only be so “special”.
This year, I hope, is special, because it doesn’t involve flowers.  It involves potential infections.

I was trying to outdo last Mother’s Day, when I went into simulated childbirth labor for her.  I wanted to find a way to tell her that she is the absolute, unquestioned, only one for me.  Generally speaking, a wedding ring covers that gesture.  Here’s the problem – I take it off, all the time.  Not because I am a scumbag, because I have to put product in my hair (because of course I do)  and I don’t want it to get all messy… and then I forget about it.  It sometimes leads to some less-than-fun moments when I come home from a guys’ night out and realize I didn’t wear my ring.  That doesn’t look good.


Why not put a tattoo of her name where my ring is supposed to be?

So that’s what I did. Enjoy the video, and make sure and stick around for her reaction!

Happy Valentines day, sweetheart! I am yours.
For sure.

Four times a day, apply ointment.
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