| Oct 2018

You’ll fall in love with this DIY OMGourd Wreath

Holderness Wreath

We have a confession. Mini pumpkins baffle us. Every grocery store produce bin is overflowing with these stunted gourds. They beg to be gathered up and thrown in the cart, but then what do you do with them year after year? Plop one on the mantel? Throw ‘em in a bowl? We’re the HolderMess Family —we can do better! So, we found a few more creative uses and sang about it in this music video. What do you think?

We’re guessing you don’t want to make the mini pumpkin headband, but if you do want to make our fall DIY OMGourd Wreath, here are the instructions and shopping list.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Gather your supplies! We’ll need a few things for this project.
  2. Pop your pumpkins on! Watch our video for tips on puncturing your pumpkins with the stem wire and fastening on the wreath frame.
  3. Once all the pumpkins are on, add your decorative florals with the craft wire. Start with the larger decorations and fill in any bare spots with smaller decorations. Cut excess wire with your wire cutters. Tip: it can be easier if you flip the wreath over and adhere the larger floral decorations to the back side.
  4. Add your bow (optional) and tie your twine to hang from your hook. Voila!

We want to see your creations! Upload your #OMGourdWreath pics on social media and tag us!

We use Amazon for our shopping and make a small commission on the items we suggest, but we encourage you shop around and find what works for you! Full disclaimer: https://termsfeed.com/disclaimer/73ed0e45ac921abd4078c20bdb3d66a3


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