| Sep 2015
Family Room

Every day we’re hoverin’

As always, our musical videos are way over the top, but with some truth to them. For example, here are some truths in our Helicopter Parent video:

1. We put enough sunscreen on them to make them look like zombies.
2. We did put Lola on a human leash at Disney World when she was 2.
3. The kids think Penn is an assistant coach on all of their teams. He is not. He just yells.
4. At parks, parents try to chit chat with us. We can’t do it. We are constantly at Defcon 2.
5. We love our kids, and are trying to do the best we can to simultaneously keep them safe and give them freedom. We just suck at it.

  • Becky Law

    BEST EVER. Straight up.

    • http://theholdernessfamily.com pennternet

      Ha! Thank you so much.

  • Kim

    I loved the comment about the park. That was how I always was. Personally I don’t think parents take enough interest in their kids these days. They hand them something electronic or sit them in front of the TV. I have been parenting this way since before they had a name for it. My kids are surviving just fine. Keep up the good work!!!

    PS. – We share the same first name so maybe that has something to do with it. LOL

  • http://www.jugglingactmama.com ang

    LOVE IT!

  • Brian

    Enjoying the Videos. Wife Hovers, I allow risk. My daughter going down the slides since North Hills Park at age 2 (maybe a bit before). Go have fun! These are baby teeth, you’ll get more.

  • ChetnCharlene Conrad

    We have been in full copter mode since day one….. first born is 18 and ready to join the ranks of the “unsupervised”… in need of a parachute…

  • Melissa

    I love this – I am copter Mom all the way!, my Husband is a bit more chill!!! Our kids have the rest of their lives to take care of them selves and figure it out…..so I find comfort in knowing all is well and safe under my watch while they still are young….secretly, I think my kids love it!!!

    • Esther Snevets

      until they get to college and can’t do anything on their own, you’ll either eat up all the advice calls or get sick of them real quick

  • Esther Snevets

    I dislike helicopter parents and can barely stand interacting with other people my age who have helicopter parents. They don’t think for themselves and honestly believe that every risk is a bad risk. Take a chance people, experience is the best teacher.

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