| May 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to ME!

I would do anything to keep the people I love from experiencing pain. Well. Except for that one thing.. that MOM THING. Penn is about as supportive as husbands and fathers come but, let’s face it, he has no clue what it takes to be mother or what it took to BECOME a mother.

One day, when I was pregnant with Lola I remember sitting swollen on the couch. Penn walked into our tiny apartment panting. “Babe, I just ran five miles faster than I did in high school. I’m in the best shape of my life.”  There is a reason they have waiting periods before buying guns.

With Lola, I had natural childbirth. (Side note: At the start, it’s what I wanted — by the time I asked ((screamed?)) for meds  it was too late). Even with an epidural with Penn Charles it’s not like you’re getting a back rub. Then started the nursing. My kids didn’t take to nursing like some. SO I was mostly pumping. With that machine. Hours and hours of my life. With that machine.

So when Penn asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year, well…. here it is.

A few notes:

Thank you to Dr. Sameh Toma at NCCRM in for helping us with this.

The doctor and I agree that the muscle stimulator I bought is about a third of what a real contraction feels like.


  • Ketti

    Nice!! So many favorite parts: 1) “Try to pass a baby through this”. 2) “You put this baby inside of me.” 3) “This feels super weird”. Plus, Penn wielding the big squishy belly as a sumo weapon clearly was fun for the kids. Go team Holderness!

  • leigh bhe

    Possibly the best video and gift ever. best ever.

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  • Cecilia

    Laughing so hard Loved this video! My husband would never…you guys are hilarious And your husband is such a good sport LOL! Happy Mothers day!

  • Sue Hale

    I have a huge smile on my face!!!! Thank you!

  • barb

    It was a hoot to watch however, it doesn’t even come close!! Pregnancy is 10 months, with hemoroids, heartburn, barfing ( like your insides are coming out!), pains in places your didn’t know were places on your body, hair loss, having to pee every hour, having weird nightmares and dreams. And the biggest part is the absolutely heartmelting joy, pride and love that overwhelms you when you push that baby out and see those little fingers and toes, those big eyes, and smell that baby smell. All the pain, the agony melts away and you are totally in love forever!!

  • Kimberlee

    This is so adorable

  • http://www.luvinstampin.com Wendy

    HAHAHA! This was awesome and I am not a stalker of your blog. 🙂 Such a fun place to visit

  • Jennifer

    That was such an adorable video! My husband and I laughed as we watched it. Thank you so much!! One question: where can we buy one of those? I have a TENS unit but I positive the current does not come anywhere close to the stumulation of contractions lol

  • Jillian

    always love your videos. I just shared this one in a Facebook group for local Raleigh moms for over 5k other ones to enjoy! we have some mutual friends too, so happy Mother’s Day one friend removed

    • Jillian

      *clicked post too soon!

  • Linda

    As soon as you said ” try passing a baby through this….” hahahahahahaha…. best line ever ! Love this !

  • Debbie

    Too funny!!!

  • Mariane

    What about a video changing the roles again? But now Kim takes daddy’s responsabilities…
    Sorry for my bad english… I’m from Brazil, but I love you guys!

  • http://lizziecaye.com Liz

    Brilliant & Awesome!!

  • Melisa

    I laughed huge when I saw the breast pump.

  • Margueritr

    You rock Kim!!!

  • Jamie

    When is ur reality show on

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