| Aug 2014
Family Room

HOLDERNOPOLY! Playtime with a Gaming Giant

Since we danced around in our driveway in ill-fitting pajamas, we’ve been lucky enough to get some memorable phone calls: The Las Vegas skydiving company wanting Kim to jump out of a plane in her Christmas Jammies (Kim gets anxiety attacks in turbulence. Jumping OUT of a plane would never happen).

The dozens of families who wanted us to make cameo Sweet 16 parties/Bar Mitzvah appearances (very flattering, but probably not a sustainable business model).

And the food companies wanting us to promote foods our family would never eat (food coloring? As if our kids need to be MORE hyper).
There have been plenty of “Thanks But No Thankses”, but we recently got a call we couldn’t believe.

Monopoly wanted to work with us!

Monopoly, the only game we have played every decade of our lives.  The game that honed our understanding of capitalism.  The game that led to more than one dorm lobby all-nighter in college.  The game our suddenly opportunistic 7-year-old lemonade salesman daughter can relate to. Honestly and truly, it’s one of the games our family has in rotation for our “Friday Family Game Nights.”

They told us they had something new, and they wanted our family to be a part of it.  They wanted us to write something for them, perform it, shoot it, and edit it.  They trusted us to have as much fun as possible, and mention the game, you know, if we had time. Here’s the final result.

Pretty cool concept, right? You get to put your family’s photos all over the board, which got us all digging for embarrassing photos of each other (I mean, that’s half the fun.  Or maybe more than half.  Maybe 67%).

Four things we will never forget about this project:

1. Like #XMasJammies, the time we spent shooting this with the family was invaluable.  The TV was off, the kids were incredibly engaged and creative, and the payoff was this great video we will have forever. It makes us want to suggest that everyone shoots a family video every once in a while.

2.  Credit to Monopoly, and their marketing team.  They get it.  If you want to advertise a family product, don’t cram it in our faces – have fun with it!  That’s what they let us do here. They sent us a sample of the product and let us have fun with it.

3.  Kim’s 8th grade perm.  I mean, it was just so hot…

These were, what my mother called, “the awkward years.”

and most importantly,

4. I played enough Monopoly during this to learn that the properties at the end of each row are a way better R.O.I than the properties at the start of the row! Who knew??  The powder blue, orange, yellow, and dark blue props have hotel and housing costs similar to their neighbors, but they charge way higher rent!! Are we the only people who didn’t know this?

Hope you enjoy the video and the new game.
Please share! Especially if you know someone with bad perm photos you can use in your game.
To get more information, visit www.MyMonopoly.com

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