| May 2016
Man Cave

Nine months? I wanted to be done after 9 minutes.

penn gets pregnant

Let me start by clarifying something:

Much like last year when I tried simulating Labor for like 20 minutes, I know that this is nothing like the real thing.  I have an insane amount of respect for all that women do to usher all of us into the world.

Nonetheless, it clearly makes my wife very happy when I spend time around Mothers Day trying to at least understand a tiny fraction of what she goes through.

So I strapped on an Empathy Belly.


It was uncomfortable. It felt alien, and awkward, and invasive.  Without any actual connection to a growing thing inside of me, it was none of the bonding and all of the bounding.  It was really restrictive.  I had trouble breathing, bending over at all, going down the stairs, getting in a car, peeing, picking things up, you name it.

After several hours, my lower back really hurt, as did my knees.  Probably the worst part was shoes.  Getting sneakers on, much less tying them was not only difficult, but, honestly, a little bit embarrassing.  I wanted Kim to turn the camera off because I felt like a toddler.

So, this Mothers Day, to all of you out there who haven’t experienced this, maybe reach out to Mom, or Grandma, or the mother of your children, and tell them thanks for all they’ve done for you, especially that part when they had to be pregnant.


Video of the experience here:

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