| Jul 2014
Man Cave


It is the panicked thought that goes through every dad’s mind, one hour before your family comes back in town.  About once a year, dad is left home alone, and  many of us take that opportunity to revert to our primal selves – We eat horrible food, we don’t make the bed, we meet up with the guys, we clean up NOTHING – that is, until about an hour before they get home.


1. This was real – actually shot while my wife and kids made a quick trip down to Disney – the mess is real, the story is real, and thank goodness I have a tripod, because I had to photograph myself.

2. The guy who looks like Jason Sudekis is my buddy Jake Fehling – we are working on a Holderness Family spinoff called “Rapping Dads” – more to come.

Dads/Moms – does this sound familiar? Comment below.

  • https://www.facebook.com/zsanford Zachary D Sanford

    I have the exact same daddy command center. Pillows strategically positioned to hold my teetering piles of paperwork, food and energy drinks. Game of Thones instead of House of Cards but everything else was 100% accurate. Hilarious!

    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      Thank you!

  • karen

    HA! I LOVE IT! I do the exact same thing when my husband takes the kids away, which is…….NEVER!

    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      I must confess — I would do the same thing if given a week alone -kim

  • http://twitter.com/RebeccaJoKnits Rebecca Jo (@RebeccaJoKnits)

    Fun… the friend joining in was awesome. Love new faces in the video… love the old to – the neighbor is great.

    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      We have some hilarious friends!

  • Deena

    I just absolutely LOVE your videos.

  • Lisa Brown

    My Husband would never do that! …. Said no wife EVER!

    (❤️ It! Especially the buddy joining in! Hilarious!)

  • Lisa

    Penn, you have NO idea what kind of joy your bring to our house!!! Your family is WONDERFUL and I wish we lived next door to you guys!! Keep up the great work. You have some real loyal fans/followers out here ♥

  • http://kaygetscrafty.wordpress.com Kay

    You never fail to make my day! Too funny, you’re awesome 🙂

  • CL Lassiter

    Love it. I have a friend coming soon to pet/house sit for me while I’m away, and I’m trying to clean up my home in time for his arrival! It rather looks like your “before” picture.

  • KC Pickett

    Is it possible to have a crush on a family??! You guys are a joy!! Love your neighbors, love your kids! Love your videos 🙂
    Please keep them coming!
    Have u been asked to do a reality show already?
    (please don’t! Way too cheesy for you guys :))!

    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      Thanks KC! (That’s my brother’s name and how he spells it)

  • http://www.karmenskrazy.blogspot.com Karmen M.

    This is my husband, completely, only usually he gets it “Daddy clean” before I walk through the door.

    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      I think Penn gets it now. : ) (Finally)

  • http://joyinthejournee.com Kerry P

    my favourite video yet!

  • Victoria

    I watched this and it reminded me of my brother who now lives in Canada (we live in Scotland) so I rang him! Bringing families together Holderni!!

  • Sharon

    Great video! It must be a sight to walk by your house and see two dads rapping on the front porch.

  • http://pastedreams.wordpress.com pastedreams

    Love it! I’m a total “neat freak” when my husband is here, always telling him to clean up. Then when he goes out of town I’m like “thank GOD I can throw my clothes in a pile and put my makeup all over the sink!” Have to do an hour clean to keep up the Type A illusion when he gets here haha

  • http://thesurlygirly.com Surly Girly

    Well, that was hilarious – unfortunately, in our humble abode it is kinda-sorta reversed …

  • Shane

    Haha oh my lord, this is too true! Not married but my girlfriend travels a lot for work and I feel you on all get the take out and all the manly things like binge watching shows. However I do make sure she comes home to a clean apartment. Jason sudekis?! Op no look a like, too funny. I love the Holderness family, your videos are hilarious and inspiring. #familygoals I hope all is well and before you know it Christmas Jammies will steal our hearts.

    Cheers from the Cali living cheesehead,


    • http://pennternet.wordpress.com pennternet

      Doesn’t he look just like Jason Sudekis? Thanks for the message!

  • Mike H

    My wife and I have a standing agreement to have a 5 hour ETA notice. So that I can actually get things straightened up.

  • http://simplylivingmama.wordpress.com simplylivingmama

    That’s so funny and so true, even for us wives. LOL my husband has been out of town for 3 weeks and my house is a mess. Gonna spend the day cleaning up all day tomorrow!

  • http://gravatar.com/territhinks territhinks

    Penn, this is me right now, except I am the WIFE and my husband and kids are coming home in an hour. I am the slob and my wonderful hubby is the clean one.

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