| Feb 2015
Man Cave

And now for something completely different…

from Penn

I am an insanely gigantic fan of Monty Python (thus the title of this blog).  Part of their legacy, and a huge reason for their success, was their staying power.  Their comic genius has spanned six decades so far.  And it all started with their sketch show Flying Circus.  At the core of that show was a feeling, shared by all of its founding members, that comedy should never end.  Instead of ending each sketch with a forced punchline and canned applause, they found a way to seamlessly go from the end of one skit to the next, even into the closing credits.  It created momentum.  It created a culture of continuity that many have imitated but none have duplicated.  It also created a need for the group to constantly search for something fresh, so that their comedy would never end.  And it hasn’t.

Kim and I are not Monty Python.  We are so far from Monty Python we can’t see them with the Hubble.  But we’ve somehow stumbled onto this wonderful thing: We get to be on your computers, in your offices, even in your homes.  We love hearing that parents like watching our videos along with their kids.  We even love that kids sometimes watch our videos on their own, and that you trust our content with those you love the most.

So, having said that, like Monty Python, we are trying something completely different. The next video you’ll see you’ll want to watch before deciding if your kids should. We will be addressing, in our own special way — some of our best – worst – comments over the past year. (It’s pretty hilarious).

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t making porn. We will never use audible foul language, though there may be some bleeps.  But there are also so many things about family life that we want to talk about that are, how you say, PG-13?

So, on our YouTube channel, we will continue that Holderness Family playlist.  Those videos are, and always have been, PG.  The PG-13 stuff, that will be on a new Playlist called “Grownup Grooves.”  Keep in mind – some of these, your kids may love! But please, watch them first and make that decision for yourselves.

The first Grownup Groove comes out tomorrow – and we had a ton of fun with it.  Here’s hoping you are still making us part of your family. Here’s hoping we are doing this 50 years from now just like Monty Python has done. And here’s to a great 2015!

  • Menucha

    I’m so excited!

  • Mary Goble

    I talked to your Aunt Betsy one night this week and asked about family,as I always do,and she reminded me of the videos you and Kim have out there. I grew up in Marion,met Besty when we were four,shared rides everywhere throughout high school ,had our 16th birthday dance together and have been friends for 65 years .We will celebrate our 70th birthdays this
    February. Quite a history there. Love your mother and always wished to be like her. My brother played with your Uncle Penn all through school. Your videos are so well throught out and so true to most people’s lives when they have children. Congratulations on your success,your family life and your heritage. Mary Allen Goble

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