| Dec 2013

Oh, hi everyone… didnt see you there.

so, um, holy crap.

I’ve always wondered what it means to go viral – and here we are.  Our Greenroom website has crashed (fixing it).  So far we have been on Fox and Friends, GMA, GMA again, HLN, and Greta Von Susteren.  But for me, the greatest part of all this was getting a call from Jeannie Moos at CNN.

If you stick with me on this blog, you’ll see that my work, and my writing is pretty original.  But I don’t hold a candle to Jeanne.  She has been my favorite reporter for over a decade now.  Not just because she makes me laugh, because I think she understands people better than anyone in the business.  My daughter, who could only hear her voice in the interview, asked if “that was Mrs. Claus.”  Jeanne, if you are reading this I hope you know that is about as big a compliment as a 6-year old can give.  Anyway – click here for the story.

jeanne text

  • https://www.facebook.com/aesthetiica Alicia Marie Fierro

    …and here i am! you’re SO going viral. just came across your link via facebook. your family is adorable. and talented. and i wish you the best on your creative endeavors!!

    • http://hunterboon.net Hunter Boon

      I want to hire you.

      Hunter Boon

  • http://twitter.com/zoates Zack Oates (@zoates)

    you guys rock. Such a great family!!

  • Jess

    Congrats to your wife and u for finding your calling!

  • Sherry Gibson

    You made a wise decision! You and your wife will be hot this year! Keep things like this coming and we will be entertained! Love love it

  • http://ziondreamer.blogspot.com Nikki

    Congrats to y’all! Just saw your link on FB. Sounds like it’s going to be a great 2014!

  • justin king

    Penn you are a genius. I want to be you when I gracefully exit my twenties….and I wouldn’t mind if I had my very own Kim as well, she is very easy on the eyes sir. You are very blessed. Keep it up broski!!!!

  • Katie

    Hi! Saw on Facebook as well. I commented to my friend who posted that you were my morning news anchor, with much excitement, and then realized I have a two year old and haven’t watched the news in a few years, Oops. So glad your family went viral. You should somehow work in the Pint- sized sports bit. That’s how I became one of your biggest fans. You are hilarious. And apparently your whole family is as well! So happy to see you guys in the spotlight!

  • Lynda Stacey

    Best family Cmas video ever! Best wishes and luck with your new career and job.

  • Richele Ramsey

    Saw your video on Facebook- LOVE it!!! Such an adorable way to tell about your year – in those amazing Christmas Jammies! Love the creativity & spunk!

  • Ashton Mayne

    I’m having such a good time reading the new blog and the Christmas video was too cute for words. I really hope my husband and I can have as much fun with our future kids and be as wonderful parents to them as you two are to yours!

  • Atul

    “Books as thick as these” – Would that be a hardback version of Your Favorite Seuss – A Baker’s Dozen? Im pretty sure we have the same book (with the cover removed as well)!

  • http://brandonbarile.wordpress.com bbarile

    Adorable family and great spin to the “holiday letter.” Good luck with everything!

  • https://www.facebook.com/sharon.ghamaritabrizi Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi

    I so much enjoyed the frolicking xmas video. May your sense of fun and pleasure in your family bring you the fulfillment of your dreams!

  • http://aggiesprite.wordpress.com LC Aggie Sith

    Jeanne Moos is one of the few that “gets” the human condition. So happy you were interviewed by your heroine 🙂

  • Doug

    I have never seen such an outsized, borderline parody, display of someone being full of themselves. And no one wants to hear about your vasectomy bro.

  • Candace

    What an awesome family!I’m feeling a little lame for not doing something this cool with my family,lol:) Great job!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/annabellaspiaggia Anna Antonacci Zvonik

    First I love your Jammies video! But what blew me away the MOST was that my ex boyfriend is the “hipster” in the diner. Do you actually know him or was he a random dude in a diner. I’m hysterical right now, that’s awesome. I’ve lost touch with him for over 10 years. I’m guessing he now lives in North Carolina. Merry Christmas – my 7-yr old loves the video, as does my whole family in Italy.

  • http://marcallred.com Marc Allred

    Yup. It’s working. I came here because of the spreading of the youtube video and cnn plug.

  • http://sponsormybook.com Jason

    Absolutely hilarious video Penn! Good luck on leaving the “real” job and doing what you love with your wife and family. You’re going to have much more success, I’m sure!

  • Priscilla

    Dang it! I wish my family was this cool!
    Awesome job.

  • Tetherball Bear

    You’re on Deadspin now. Congratulations, you’ve made it! And by made it, I mean trickled down to the 1,908th most popular website… in the world! Seriously though, fantastic production values. Well played.

  • Tiffany Spooner

    WOW, you and your family are AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to see more of your work! You best believe Ill be watching & sharing!!!

  • Leigh Bhe

    Is it weird that I have watched the Xmas Jammies MANY times and I still laugh? My 9 year old is going around the house singing Christmas Jammies…………I am addicted.

  • http://robindance.me Robin Dance

    Your first official job of having your own internet is coming up with a new world for viral. Because that sounds BAD but what your family has done is very, very, very good (hence, the BREAKING of your internet).

    Mad love for all things Penn, Kim & the littles; all I want for Christmas is to watch your v-card everyday.

    Not really, but sorta :).

  • http://www.babymantra.com Julius Peter

    You guys are adorable! Would love to chat with you about an opportunity we may have. Please email me the best way to get in touch with you.

  • Janet

    Funniest home video ever!

  • Ginny Lee

    well done sir! My daughter loves it!

  • http://www.workwithjackierose.com Jackie Rose

    Love it yall are awesome : D

  • http://www.workwithjackierose.com Jackie Rose

    Where do you get those xmas jammies at?

  • NYC Fan

    Great job guys – hilarious – cheers to another hilarious 2014 – as a parent of a 3 year old and 9 month old (girl and boy, respectively) I appreciate all every second of this video – awesome – where do I get me some jammy jam?

  • http://twitter.com/jillwillrun Jill Will Run (@jillwillrun)

    Yes… being contacted by Jeanne Moos would be the pinnacle of going viral for me as well!

  • Rose Evers

    You have made my day … and so many others’ no doubt! Singing your jammie song all morning!

  • dawn

    You’re viral!!! And I want to subscribe to your blog now. Can’t figure out how to do that… 🙁

  • Lindsay

    Hi Penn. Thanks for sharing your Christmas Jammies video! So awesome. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. -the wife of an IPA drinking hipster in Seattle

  • Tupu Wheeler

    Aloha! Can you and your adorable family move to Hawaii and be my neighbors?? Mele Kalikimaka!

  • http://www.slideshare.net/CScottCrider/scott-crider-digital-strategist Scott Crider

    Congrats! I’ve been where you are (twice) with “Dogs Against Romney.” I don’t know what your politics are. Tell me. Perhaps we could find a way to work together as friends – or frienemies.

  • http://nursewannabeinfl.com/ Michelle

    I’m a fan. Your Christmas jammies video had me shaking my head, rolling my eyes, laughing, cringing, and finally, singing along. Great stuff!

  • https://www.facebook.com/jayciro Jay Castro

    Nice work. This si amazing!!!

  • http://www.ShopTeamHoy.com Donna Hoy

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that your video made my morning! It was posted via a friend of mine on Facebook and your red PJs were just so cute I had to click and watch. 🙂 Thanks for starting my day out with laughter and a smile. Enjoy the success of a viral video and all that it brings your way. Merry Christmas! Donna in Rochester, NY

  • http://www.southernaccentblog.com Wendy

    I’m so in love with this video! Congrats on going viral and hope everyone and everything is on the mend! 😉

  • weightofmyweight

    Love, love, love everything I have read on your blog. You KNOW I found you since you’re all famous now. 🙂 Love the Jammie video! Can you guys come over for Christmas?

  • http://www.melikabellydancer.com Tammy Lyn

    Coolest. Family. Ever…and seriously…where can I get some of those jammies???

  • suzie Goggins

    We are loving your video here in Dublin, Ireland….. Tried to get onto your website, no joy, will keep tryin! Merry Christmas, thanks or the giggles!

  • http://maggieskindercorner.blogspot.com Maggie

    I agree! She rocks, and congratulations on your new venture. You’ll be great!

  • Keith

    Trying you link, http://visitthegreenroom.com/, it’s not working….

  • krittenhouse

    Trying you link, http://visitthegreenroom.com/, it’s not working….

  • http://www.toocoolstamping.com Angie Leach

    Love your awesome Xmas Jammies video. I’m so sad that you weren’t able to sit in on the interview with your hero! Merry Christmas from Indiana!

  • http://www.bookittyblog.com Bethzaida

    Love the Christmas Jammies video!! Your guys are extra adorable! Merry Christmas!

  • http://twitter.com/TianaMaeDesign Tiana Stinson (@TianaMaeDesign)

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears you have misspelled your hero’s first name. *Ugh* It’s spelled “Jeannie” (with an “i”) in the first paragraph. However, if she’s as amazing as Mrs. Claus (per your daugher) — I’m sure she’ll forgive you. 😉

  • http://bereavedandblessed.com Kathy

    Found my way here via your viral video… So awesome! I wish I could convince my husband to do something like that — too fun! Anyway, wishing you, your wife and your family the best in your new ventures!

    As for blogging, I’ve been at it for almost 7 years and have grown to love writing. I started doing it to share about and process my family’s journey through secondary infertility and loss and grew from there. I admire you following your passion and trying to make a living do it! Looking forward to checking out The Green Room when it is back up and running. Merry Christmas from Chicago!

  • http://safebrain.wordpress.com thenextlevel2000

    Very entertaining. P.S. Make an informative and entertaining video about Common Core, what parents are learning about it, how it is a corporate takeover of public schools and its history, and I GUARANTEE you that it will go viral! They’ll be laughing and crying at the same time. 100% GUARANTEED. p.s.s. I am serious. This movement needs some help.

  • Thomas

    Great video! Don’t know you bu Mr. Penn you really seem like you could be a movie actor. Well good luck on future creative entertainment

  • Kaity

    Easily the most entertaining video I’ve seen in awhile! I don’t even know how many times I’ve watch it, but Christmas Jammies will probably be stuck in my head for weeks.

  • Darin Bryant

    Saw this video with my 6 year old she loved it watched it about 20 times today. Great work! Rarely do I ever go to a website at the end of a commercial video or anything and yet I found myself finding this blog and website. To me if you can get me to do that it’s pretty inspiring . Great Job and a very nice family we have enjoyed this video!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mgiluso Michael Giluso

    Loved your video! Good luck in your new venture.

  • Chrissie

    You have been bookmarked! This could be good!

  • Ann

    Thanks for sharing that video! It was great!

  • Kyra E.

    Brilliant! That video was awesome! Can’t wait to view the website! Congrats to you and your family and good luck on your new venture!

  • Kerri Fernandez

    Hey Penn…not sure if you remember me but I went on a couple shoots with you in Raleigh….deep sea fishing and paintballing to be exact 🙂 I’m now living in Nova Scotia and what a surprise I got tonight while scrolling through Facebook. One of my friends from here shared your video….couldn’t believe it was you! Not 5 minutes later my daughter came into the room laughing and wanted me to watch a video she just saw. Yes, you guessed it, it was you and your family. You were always up for a good time Penn. Doesn’t surprise me you have such an fun family. Wish you all the best in your new endeavor with your wife in 2014!

  • jenny seykora

    Ha! Love, love, love the Christmas card-hilarious!

  • http://Facebook Rose

    I came across Christmas jammies and I LOVED it. What a talented family. You are just too awesome. I’ve sent your Christmas to everyone I know. But for me I have watched it many times. Merry Christmas 🙂

  • Amanda

    Greeting from San Francisco! You’re certainly going viral, and this video is hilarious! Just bookmarked your blog so we can all follow you!
    Keep making us laugh!

  • https://www.facebook.com/inspirtainer Laura Derocher

    “Christmas Jammies” is endearing! I feel I know you guys; you’re so fun and accessible. Your kids are amazing and adorable. You two adults are, well, Super Couple. I’ve watched the video a dozen times, enjoying it more and more. Have shared it on Facebook. I predict you’ve started a trend in holiday home videos. Best wishes with your (should be exploding now) business. Brilliant social-media marketing. 🙂

  • Jen Kirkland

    Your video is all over Facebook in Houston. Love your tradition that you started and I enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to y’all on here and have a Merry Christmas. 🙂

  • http://lookingunderthecovers.wordpress.com Looking under the Covers

    You just made my day! Being home ill I needed something to cheer me up and your video popped up on Facebook! Thank you for making me smile! Merry Christmas to you and your family – love your blog too!

  • Jack

    Catchy toon, but your wife’s tits are what really drew me in. You guys are very talented, well she is, so if all of your videos will feature her tits then you guys have a great future. If not, then don’t quit your day job. Oops, too late. Well, there’s always porn.

  • http://jesspeterson.blogspot.com Jess Peterson

    you made it to the Daily Mail UK. as well. Well done. What a lovely family! Your kids are adorable. You look like a family that everyone would want as friends. Good luck with your new venture.

  • Jen Gockowski

    I need to go to bed… and my poor husband, who is currently already passed out, is likely going to wake up sometime tonight to me humming “Christmas Jammies” in my sleep. If he’s lucky, I won’t be trying to dance to it too. I’ll be sharing your video (and story) to everyone at work tomorrow, a company called Hot Mama. We’re not in Raleigh yet but should be soon! Your wife would love it! (shopmama.com. Not to be confused with hotmama.com. You get something else entirely) 🙂 great work and creativity. So impressive!!

  • Teresa

    I rarely fall prey to viral videos but this is honestly amazing. And crazy hilarious! And u are triathletes! Too cool. As someone in the advertising industry, I have a great appreciation for brilliant content and production. Good luck with your endeavors- talented! Happy Holidays!

  • http://gravatar.com/ziondreamer ziondreamer

    Congrats! Looks like there are great things in store for 2014.

  • Ron

    What an awesome way to share a family Christmas card (and get out of having to write them lol)!! Amazing video!! Merry Christmas!

  • Gettin’ to the Olde Continent

    Just to say… You just went viral in Italy too.
    Major newspaper’s website shows your video today!
    Merry Xmas! 🙂

  • Tom

    Wishing you well hope you all feel better. Old soldier

  • Bridget

    Greetings from London, my FB is full of your vides and Absolutely hooked on it. I have also been singing about Christmas Jammie’s for couple of days now and I keep on adding new lyrics to make my 10 month old laugh. He probably thinks it’s a proper nursery rhyme. Brilliant video! Merry Christmas!

    • Bridget

      Video not vides*

  • http://www.dr-er.com Dr. Frank Ervolino

    As a self taught media buff I also have my heros and Jennie is one of them. I am also known as a crazy dad. Still reviled in my family for my little known classic on youtube ‘wow with your toes” but my kids friends think I’m kewl. You will give your kids memories and stories that will entertain for generations. Good luck!

  • Laura

    Hi, I just saw ur xmas video, it’s hilarious. I’m from Romania, it’s got viral here too. I couldn’t stop laughing watching it. Congrats!

    • Mika

      Hyvää Joulua (Merry Christmas) from Finland!. Your video is a blast, laughed it through about ten times already

  • http://xplocial.com/page.php?id=MiKalErl&idx=6 MyKal Themidwest Earl

    I love this, best video for this holiday, homeboi got some hip hop skills I loved this!….lol

  • Melanie Walker

    Anyone could tell just watching you on TV how really talented you are and how much creativity there is in that head! Too much to be confined! From one artist to another……I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor. But I doubt you will need the luck :~)

  • http://insomniamom.com Kris Detrow

    Well played Holderni, well played.

  • Valerie

    Down here in Smithfield love love love it. .. So very funny. ..Best of luck in your new endeavors. ..I will be following. .

  • Steph

    Love the video- you look like a fun family to hang out with! question-where did you buy the Jammie’s?

  • https://sites.google.com/a/chccs.k12.nc.us/chhsliteracy/?pli=1 Viv Major

    Your family video makes me smile which is why I make sure that I watch it at least once a day. I could not believe that you and your family are right here in Raleigh. This was awesome, your kids are awesome, and you and Kim have some killer moves. Loved it! Keep’em comin’.

  • Anna Antonacci

    Hey so wondering why you deleted my comment regarding your hipster in the diner. I have bets with over 20 people as to if and how he wound up in your video and the list is growing. Please email me privately if you like annybabes@aol.com

  • Anna Antonacci

    My family and friends in Italy are also amazed at the possibility of how he could have wound up in that video.

  • dommiebatsch

    Hi, i’m from Australia and our biggest news website just posted a link to your video. High-larious!

  • Ben

    Excellent production value on both videos. You won’t need it but best of luck! Like many of the other posts I shoed this to my 8year old daughter and she couldn’t stop laughing. Happy Xmas to you and yours and thanks for the laughter.

  • lorraine.mitchell.1253@facebook.com

    G’day from Perth Western Australia, just saw your video and looks like you had a great time, such fun!

  • http://www.studionow.com Mary

    Congrats on going viral! My kids are wearing their Jammie’s and watching your video 24/7. They said next year it’s on- with the Blindermans… Lol have a great holiday!!

  • http://www.strateyee.com.au Karina

    I am here from Australia looking at the great example of how great content with engaging images is not only for women. Thanks for daring to share!

  • Malin

    and your xmas video has just been posted on one of Sweden’s largest newspaper websites

  • Dante Papas

    Get over yourself. You haven’t done anything significant in life. Your kids suck and I fucked your wife in high school.

  • Linda Macdougal

    Love, love, love your video. Please, though, stay AWAY from Fox.

  • http://stamm321.wordpress.com stamm321


    • http://theholdernessfamily.com theholdernest


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