| Apr 2015

Real Food Tacos: A Taco Night makeover!

Post by Kim:

When I was in the eighth grade, I was eating a Mr. Goodbar as an after school snack before ballet class. A friend walked up to be and gasped, “Do you know how many grams of FAT are in that thing?” As a matter of fact I didn’t. I didn’t even know what these so-called-fat grams were. That started my obsession with nutrition labels. I’d scan calories, fat, sodium … and reject any food that was too high in a category. Snackwells? Yes! Low fat, low calorie! Avocado? NO. Too high in fat.

WELL. That’s all changed now. I’ve read every book Michael Pollan has published. In addition, I became a devotee to Vani Hari (aka The Food Babe) and Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food. (These ladies have both published books and meal plans, I totally recommend BOTH).

Now, I don’t concern myself (too much) with the calories and fat  — now I obsessed over INGREDIENTS! I was horrified to read a long list of ingredients in things like shredded cheese! Why is there anything but CHEESE in there?

My children are participating (and enjoying) this process. In this video, Lola and I take on TACO NIGHT!

  • Ketti

    Oh my gosh, how cute were Lola’s chipmunk cheeks at the end? Looks super yummy – and you’re right – didn’t look too labor-intensive to clean up taco night. 🙂

  • Cecilia

    Ok now I want to make em like this! We love tacos here! Thanks for the new recipe can’t wait to try this with my girls!

  • Sheri

    Funny I just watched this after making tacos the only thing we do different is we use romaine lettues leaves for shells! They crunch like a shell.

  • http://realfitrealfoodmom.com LeAnn @ Real Fit, Real Food Mom

    I love that your family is getting into eating “real food” and spreading the word about it!! We’ve been eating this way for over two years now and it’s totally become our new normal. (As well as me blogging and taking pictures of EVERYTHING!!) 😉 Shredding a block of cheese, making my own taco seasoning, buying organic, etc…it all comes natural to me now! Keep up the great work! And I’d love it if you checked out my blog/FB page for recipe ideas! 🙂

    • http://theholdernessfamily.com pennternet

      Love your stuff! I will definitely be following!

  • Moody

    kim I agree with u. We make this world a better place by bettering one child at a time, as parents, teachers, etc. Schmaltzy but true. Everybody in their own corner of the world…sometimes it takes Tacos on Tuesdays to get it done.

  • dave handelsman

    I’m a big fan of your videos, your stories and, well, most everything you guys have done since the Christmas Jammies video. At our home, we’re also eating more real food, and there literally can’t be anything wrong with more fruits and vegetables, and less processed food.

    But you’ve lost me on this one — the “food babe” is getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s not the good kind. Before recommending her site and/or content, do a quick search and see what actual accredited scientists are saying. Here’s one link (http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/15/style/taking-on-the-food-industry-one-blog-post-at-a-time.html , but it’s easy to find many, many others. Personally, I recommend “sci babe” who started her site in response to the “food babe’s” frequent inaccuracies and mis-statements.

    • http://theholdernessfamily.com pennternet

      Thanks for your thoughts Dave. I hear you. Vani is quite the lightning rod. Here’s why I love her, hear me out: Michael Pollan wrote these impactful books .. but did Kraft take the food coloring out of their Mac and cheese (even though they were doing so already in Europe), get Chipotle to reveal ingredients and cut out GMOs? Nope. I agree, the language she uses is harsh (yes, water is in fact a chemical — so adding “chemicals” to food isn’t always panic inducing). Like everything I read and research , I balance with my own research. All I know is she’s made a huge impact on the food industry — more than any I know.
      She’s not a scientist — neither am I. But should we have to have an advanced degree to question ingredients? Thank you for your thoughts. I love and welcome discussion on this. We are all learning.

  • http://happyhealthymama.com Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}

    Congrats on your transition to a more real food diet! Great video. 🙂

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