| Dec 2013

So, I had a team vasectomy.

6m7FI.AuSt.156Much more on this later, because we took a ton of video, interviewed the doctor, and have a music video in the works (seriously). but for now, The News and Observer  ran a piece on it.  What a fun day.  For a procedure that can really be a bummer on a guy, there is strength in numbers.

  • http://www.teamfamilyfitness.com Ben Alford

    I watched the Christmas video and that was epic! I see you guys are into Fitness and with the skills you already have the Beachbody Coaching opportunity would be incredible for you. Have you ever heard of it? If you have the slightest interest please contact me.

  • Esperanza


  • http://www.conicelli.com Lori Hammond

    Hi. I’m interested in your videos and what you can do for us. I tried to visit your website but it does not work. I can be reached at 610-828-1400 x 1208. Thanks Lori Hammond

  • DD

    Hilarious! You are really funny.

  • Laura Mackie

    So funny, does that mean you all had a vasectomy? Or were they just there for moral support and to document the procedure? Man, you are gonna have to have that shizy reversed now that u r all gonna be famous, cuz u gotta fill up that stroller. Or i’m up for adoption, u may need a bigger stroller though, lol.

  • Stache

    Can’t wait to see the video on this one, lol. Penn you are awesome! Great job on the Xmas vid and good luck to you in your adventure(s). You deserve the BEST!

  • Patricia

    I’m looking forward to this music video.

  • http://www.carissabyers.com Carissa Byers

    What a fantastic video. I was extra amused because my son’s name is Penn! Lola was top of the list for my daughter, but we went with Lucy. Since you don’t need them anymore (ahem) and obviously have great taste, I’d be happy to take any extra boy names off your hands as we are expecting and desperately undecided.

  • https://www.facebook.com/carissabyers Carissa Byers

    Came here via the hilarious video! Was extra amused because my son’s name is Penn. Lola was top of the list for my daughter, but we went with Lucy. Seeing as how you don’t need them anymore and obviously have great taste, I’d be happy to take any extra boy names off your hands as we are expecting and desperately nameless.

  • http://twitter.com/theboylefactor Andy Boyle (@theboylefactor)

    Welcome to the club.

  • Mary Kemper

    Awesome! I had a wisdom teeth extracted with a friend back in 2009… Definitely better than going it alone! Elective group surgery should be “a thing”.

  • https://www.facebook.com/deanna.forester Deanna Young Forester

    too funny! my husband is getting this done on Thursday, I better go buy some frozen peas.

  • Sean

    A good friend of mine wrote a song about this vasectomy. I’d love to send it to you. It’s brilliant.

  • https://www.facebook.com/alexis.zarifis Alexis Zarifis

    Air high five!

  • Timothy Hirata

    Can’t wait to see the vasectomy spoof. I always tell my friends it’s like getting kicked down stairs 3 times (hard) and your out of there in less than 15 minutes.
    they work 60% of the time every time;)

  • sadguru

    Very brave sir, but did you know doing this to yourself may make you useless in the next life? Its against the laws of nature, you should have used other simpler methods if you really didn’t want more kids ….sorry but this is the truth

  • Brian Shimko

    You crack me up! I wanted to do a team vasectomy also, but never did. Had mine done 2 years ago and it really wasn’t that bad. My friend is doing his this Friday. Just got him a can of “nuts” as a joke! I was given a pill to take a half hour before the procedure, so I don’t remember a whole lot. My wife says we went to lunch afterwards, but I don’t remember that at all. Apparently, I kept looking in my pants while we eating. Yikes! Keep the vids coming and thanks for your fun attitude! – Brian

  • Jamie

    What was your reason for getting it done? I mean why do guys decide to do this when women normally have their tubes tied to prevent more children. My dad had it done yrs ago and I never really got why lol. But glad u are feeling better. And hope all your new ventures with the wife and family are everything u dreamed they would be.

    • http://footballchick88.wordpress.com footballchick88

      A tubal ligation is major surgery with longer recovery and greater possible health complications for the woman. A vasectomy is a quick, 20 min, in office procedure under local anesthesia.

      Which would you choose? 😉 He was a good guy and took one for the team. His wife gave him two cuties afterall!

    • http://1van37days3kids2crazyparents.wordpress.com thepadgett5

      It is waaaaay easier for a guy to get a vasectomy. For a woman to get her tubes tied she needs to go under general anesthetic which carries many risk. For a man a vasectomy is a 20 minute procedure with maybe a 2 day recovery. Kinda is a no brainer if you ask me.

    • Rebecca

      It’s actually a lot more dangerous and invasive for a female to have a tubal ligation. Sometimes if a woman is having a C-section they get it done, but as an elective surgical option for a couple, it is less risky for a vasectomy.

  • Leena

    Can’t wait to see the video.

  • Tom

    Had one myself like 15 years ago. I was down 1 week then back to work. Hang in there

  • Tim

    A team vasectomy sounds like a brilliant idea! I’ve been trying to work up the courage to let another person with sharpened metal objects violate my nether region for the greater good, but seem to find it super easy to put off till later. I’ll see if this team idea might give me the courage to brave the doctor’s office.

  • Stephan Scott

    Braves souls all of you but what if it does not take and they have to go back in?

  • KateR

    I love Xmas Jammie’s I’m sharing it with everyone ! The were parts I had to play a few times because I was laughing so hard especially about this . Having a husband that has had one ! Your wife is hilarious ! Snip snip and the face she makes I was howling with laughter! Your children are adorable ! Plus you can seriously rap or wrap in your Xmas Jammie’s best of luck in your new endeavor ! Merry Christmas I noe want Xmas Jammie’s !

  • http://krookedforrest.wordpress.com vehnbstrik3

    Try doing yoga; deep stretch and breathe.

  • Timmer

    When’s the video coming

  • Honey Britt

    If anyone can help please do. Even if you can help me get a job cause trust me I cant seem to find one here where I live at. anyways heres my donation page if you can help.

  • lori

    Cant wait to see the video, when is it coming?? ill have to show it to my hubby who is planning the Vas. sometime soon.

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