A Dog Owner’s Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re new here, you may not know but we’re pretty obsessed with our dog. We currently have more pictures of our dog on our camera roll than our children. We don’t go overboard on gifts for the kids, but the dog? All bets are off. Here’s a few dog-friendly gifts for your favorite dog mom or dad.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Here’s my hot take: dogs deserve memory foam. They work hard being adorable and should lounge in comfort which is why this PetFusion bed is awesome.

Dog Waste Bag Holder

Look, it’s a harsh reality – poop bags smell. Grab this doo doo tube to keep odors down during long walks.

Backseat Cover

Keep the car dog hair free with this awesome backseat cover.

Best I Can Hat

Long walks in the sun means hats are must. Grab this trucker hat from our store.

Tub Drain Protector

Washing dogs in the bathtub can lead to drain buildup. Gift this drain protector to save their water bill.

Organic Paw Balm

Dogs deserve some spa time too. This paw balm keeps those cute lil toe beans nice and clean.

BarkBox Subscription

The sweetest gift that keeps on giving is a monthly BarkBox subscription filled with toys and treats for their precious baby.

Custom Pet Pillow

A custom pillow that looks like their dog. Now that’s a gift.

Dual Dog Leash

If your giftee has two dogs, this double leash is a perfect gift.

Furbo Dog Camera

The ultimate gift – the Furbo dog camera. If you have the money to treat your favorite dog parent, this is it.

What do you think the ultimate gift for dog owners is?

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