Alternative Date Ideas When Stuck at Home


Ahh, date night. Doesn’t this sound like an absolute foreign concept in these crazy times? With a new normal of helping the kids with distance learning, calming our ecstatic dog, and, oh yeah, still doing our full-time jobs, it’s hard to make room for quality one-on-one time. But, if we’ve learned anything on the podcast from our marriage coach, Christopher Edmonston, it’s that prioritizing your relationship is key. Just because we are spending ALL our time together these days, doesn’t mean we get to skip out on strengthening our marriage. Now, more than ever, is a great time to make time for one another. 

However, standard date nights are out the window! Plus, a fancy dinner and movie was never my favorite anyways. So if you are looking for something unique to do with your significant other while stuck inside, we have some alternative date night ideas:

The Holmes to your Watson

With nothing to do but look at each other, I totally recommend a murder mystery game. If your partner loves CSI, put your brains together to solve this cold case murder. Also, a great lesson in collaboration, but don’t blame me if this ends in an argument over false evidence.

Happy Little Trees

If you need some calm after a hectic day of working from home, here’s another idea. Follow along to a Bob Ross painting tutorial…together. You can find many on YouTube, so throw it up on the big screen and put your easels side-by-side. (Check out our version of this date.)

Have A Double Date Online

Grab your favorite couple and video chat with them on Google Hangouts, Zoom, House Party…whatever you want! Pick the same snacks and drinks to share and play a game! Distance won’t stop you.

Your New Read

Go online, on your Kindle, or around your house to pick out a book for each other. Then, set up a room with cozy chairs, fluffy blankets, soothing music, and your favorite drinks. Once you are comfy, exchange books and get reading. That’s it. Honestly, sometimes sitting in silence next to one another is all you need.

Work It Out

You may not realize it, but working out together creates quite the bond. There are so many fitness apps offering free trials right now. Peloton, for example, is offering 90 days free to all their classes like strength training, yoga, even dance cardio!

Have you had an at-home date night yet? What are some of your favorite date night ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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