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So, if you watch our videos, our marriage doesn’t exactly conform with traditional gender stereotypes.

  • Kim knows more about car mechanics.
  • I do most of the carpool.
  • Kim changes the lightbulbs.
  • Kim changes the air filters and fixes the toilets.

Uh, oh, this list is getting kind of one-sided, isn’t it? We’ve spent more time at home than ever before and I vowed to step it up. On a trip to our neighborhood Ace Hardware store to get a toilet flapper (confession: Kim had to tell me what it was for and I watched her fix our constantly running toilet) I got distracted by the bright and shiny grills. They had gas, they had charcoal, they even had smoker grills. I quickly rationalized I could contribute more to cooking if I had a brand new Traeger Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill.

So yes, I went to Ace for a toilet flapper and came home with a new grill. Well, that’s not completely true. Ace delivered and assembled the Traeger, thank goodness. I don’t trust myself with incendiaries. Check out the video below to see how cool my Traeger is.

At first, I was intimidated. Then I realized there were only 4 steps to get my new grill going: plug in the grill, pour in the pellets, turn it on, and set the temperature. That’s it. Then I downloaded the app and connected my grill to WiFi. YES, MY GRILL HAS WIFI. I went to the front porch and shouted “MY GRILL HAS WIFI!” and then I got back to work.

Suddenly, I was feeling confident I could make something awesome. I skipped burgers and brats and went straight to ribs. On the Traeger app, I found a paleo recipe with no sugar, and made a quick sauce and rub in about 10 minutes. I found out that the cook time was 4 hours, which initially stressed me out, until I realized I could literally do the whole thing ON MY PHONE.

I went on with my life while dinner was cooking. I got an alert on my phone when the ribs reached the proper cooking temperature. I really only spent 15 total minutes doing actual work on cooking-the grill and the app did the rest for me. This has been a great way to do more of the everyday cooking for the family. That’s no excuse for never changing the lightbulbs, but it’s a start.

Which grill is best for you?

We asked Chef Jason, owner and executive chef of 5280 Culinary and grilling expert for AceHardware.

Gas Grill: If you’re always on the go and looking for a fast and easy meal, this may be a great option. A gas grill heats up quickly and reaches higher temperatures for faster cooking. Chef Jason says, “Add a cast iron griddle for great smash burgers, add a sear grate and take your steaks to the next level and don’t forget metal skewers for amazing kabobs.”

Wood Pellet Grill: While cooking times are longer than a gas grill, the Traeger is WiFi-enabled so you aren’t spending time tending to the grill. The internal temperature probe will alert you when your meat is done. This grill has a shorter heat up time, medium to high temperatures, and you can choose wood pellets to help flavor your specific dish. Chef Jason says, “Add a chicken throne for epic roasted chicken, grab a jalapeño rack for wood fired poppers, or grab some butcher paper and wrap those ribs!”

Charcoal Grill: This grill takes a little more time to get the fire established but brings that amazing charcoal flavor. The smell alone will get your neighbor jealous. You can be versatile with what you make, from low and slow BBQ to hot and fast grilling since charcoal grills are fully adjustable. Chef Jason’s tip, “Add a carbon steel wok for coal fired rice, a Dutch oven for low and slow chili or set up indirect cooking for amazing roasts.”

What is your favorite type of grill? Still unsure? I suggest heading over to or your local ACE to find your perfect match.

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