| Aug 2019

How to Create Body Confidence in Your Children

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Body image issues and children can be tricky. Body image issues with teenagers girls…beyond tricky. I needed help making sure my daughter is body confident, so I called Dr. Emily King. Penn and I share some experiences and concerns with her on the podcast this week. It is a serious topic (with a serious disclaimer), but we think you will enjoy it, have a laugh and walk away with a great, new insight. 

Body Image in Boys vs Girls 

We really enjoyed hearing Dr. King talk about the difference between boys and girls and how they view their body. She explains why there is a difference, shares a fascinating study and sheds light on how we impact how our kids view their bodies. A big ah-ha moment was learning that our kids are always watching us and how it impacts their thought development regarding how they view themselves. And not just how I may look and talk about my body, but how Penn compliments and values me as well.

The Difference Between How You Look and How You Feel

Dr. Emily dives into the importance of understanding and moving conversations to, “I am what I look like” to “I am what I feel.” We loved the examples she gave, which included:

  • Do you feel strong in your body?
  • Do you feel comfortable in your body?
  • I think you look pretty, but how do you feel?

We really loved this takeaway: move the focus from the outer appearances to inner feelings. That was a recurring theme during the “tell us how bad we messed section” of the podcast. Don’t judge us, we’re all doing the best we can!

“Just because it is hard, doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.”

Dr. Emily King

Here are the ways to listen. Be sure to drop us a comment on Facebook or Instagram on what really resonated with you. 

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