Kim Holderness
| Mar 2019

Kim is Coming Clean (literally)

2019 has started with all the sickness. Rounds and rounds of passing germs around and Kim has declared war! But can cleaning become a problem, too? Penn confronts his wife on her STD (sanitizing things disorder). Stay safe, friends!
penn holderness
| Feb 2019

How to Listen (kinda) with ADHD

Penn and I have shared a lot of stories around the importance of communication on our podcast lately. We have given tips on how to appropriately share your thoughts and emotions, but what about listening? Listening can be tough for a lot of us, but for Penn…asking him to stay tuned into a conversation from […]
80s technology
| Jan 2019

Can our kids survive 80s tech?

Join us for a walk down memory lane to the days of disposable cameras and payphones (yes, we found one). Kids may give us a hard time about being slow to adapt to new technology, but let’s see how they survive with our beloved technology from the 80s.
holderness gift guide
| Dec 2018

Passive-Aggressive Gifts

Don’t be THAT gift-giver. You know who we’re talking about. The person who tries to make a point or get something they want from the present they are giving you. After a few spoof (ok, maybe some real) passive-aggressive gifts, we share our favorite types of gifts that never disappoint…or offend. 
diy halloween costumes
| Oct 2018

Get a laugh with our punny (and cheap!) Halloween costumes

If you’re anything like us, you may find yourself scrambling for a fun Halloween idea at the last minute. But it doesn’t have to look like you just threw something on. Look like you planned your Halloween costume for weeks with our favorite punny (and cheap!) outfits. We linked everything you need for easy shopping! […]
| Jan 2018

A late start to 2018

I love a new year. Some people roll their eyes at resolution-makers, but not me. If resolution-making were a hobby, I’d finally have something to write in that awkward space on forms at the doctor’s office. (BTW, why does the doctor care about my hobbies? In case they’re dangerous, so she can talk me out […]
| Jan 2018

YouTube: A Guide for Grown-ups

A YouTube lesson for parents While scrolling through your Facebook feed in the last week or so, you may have seen some headlines about a YouTube star who made a video apparently showing a lifeless, hanging body in an area of Japan widely known as the “suicide forest.” It’s vile and dangerous, and it affects […]
| Jun 2017

How to apply sunscreen // The #MimicMommy Dance

Growing up in Florida, one of my most vivid memories was getting slathered with sunscreen. It’s like my mother was icing a cake, but instead of icing, it was sunscreen; and instead of cake, it was my face! She had good reason. When I was around six years old my aunt underwent multiple reconstructive surgeries […]
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