Holderness Family Deodorant
| Nov 2018

What Happened When Kim Turned to Natural Deodorant

From the beauty counter of Kim… I recently went on a mission to find an effective natural deodorant, because what we put on our skin, well, it goes in our bodies. I’m not hating on the usual stuff, but I’m working on cleaning up my beauty routine, so I put seven deodorants to the sweat […]
| Feb 2017

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Diet

So Penn and I challenged ourselves to eat like Tom and Gisele for 24 hours. They have a LOT of restrictions, including: no dairy, gluten, night shades, and coffee. I did slightly better than Penn did, but for real – this diet is hard!
| Jan 2017

New Years Resolutions

So, every time New Years comes around I have my resolution and it starts off AMAZING. Then… once about the 5th day comes around it becomes so. hard. to. get. moving. Is it just me or do you guys experience this as well? I should just change my New Years resolution to watching more Netflix. […]
| Apr 2016

Unqualified Marriage Advice

We’ve taken 11 trips around the sun as husband and wife. In these years we’ve learned a few things about how to love each other, how to fight with each other, and how to stay together. As you can see my list is a lot more … substantial than Penn’s. Welcome to my marriage. Lessons from […]
| Mar 2016

A Note in the Pocket | Undies on our head!

There are a few things I’m certain of in this life: Life is too short to spend it doing a job you don’t love. Luck is created by hard work. Chocolate cures most emotional distress If you’re able, you should help. Always. Sometimes helps comes in the form of something simple, like putting away the […]
| Feb 2016

It’s so hard. Every. Single. Day.

Cue up the Boyz II Men. It’s time to talk about our morning routine. Most of our songs just write themselves. For those who follow us, you know that it’s a simple formula:  Look at what’s going on in our family.  Make it rhyme. Set up a camera. From conception to completion, this video took 72 […]
| Nov 2015

The truth about me: I feel ALL the feels

Post from Kim. Here’s a newsflash: I suffer from some pretty wicked panic attacks. Yep. Me, the one dancing in pajamas, has moments when anxiety and depression forces me into a fog. Right now, I can’t stop obsessing about the children caught in this refugee crisis. Seriously, read this by clicking HERE, look at the […]
| Oct 2015

I’m a nutrition hypocrite.

I admit it. I send my kids to school with organic fruit and sandwiches on sprouted wheat bread. They enjoy treats occasionally, but they know candy is not a healthy option. Then there’s me. The minute Halloween candy becomes available I buy bags and bags “for the children” I say. Ha! I pry open those […]
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