DIY Hand Knit Blanket: How to Fail and How to Nail It

DIY Hand Knit Blanket

Fall is in the air…

No, it isn’t. It is still 90 degrees in October. Check the calendar, North Carolina! We may have sweat all over this project, but it will be a super cozy blanket once fall eventually decides to show up.

Pull it together!

Of course, no Nailed It video goes on without a hitch on the first try, but we’re committed to trying until we get it right. Thankfully, this DIY hand knit blanket only took two-ish attempts. The first method we tried used your arms as big ‘ol knitting needles. We weren’t coordinated enough. Our brains had cartoon sparks coming from them. We had to initiate a do-over, and phone a friend for help.

We asked our pal, Leah, to come over and she kindly walked us through a different method that just uses our hands. And after one minor fail (I missed some loops and it all unraveled), I was able to create a full blanket in two hours. Nailed it!

Make your own DIY hand knit blanket.

  1. Get yourself some big, chunky yarn. I absolutely love this ivory wool yarn from Amazon. And if you’re looking for a less expensive, non-wool option, we suggest this super soft option. You should order at least two for a throw blanket.
  2. Clear a space to work either on a large dining table or the floor. You’ll want to lay it out as you work.
  3. Gently unravel your yarn in a neat pile.
  4. Watch our video for instructions (and what NOT to do!)
  5. Our fave tips:
    • Remove all rings and bracelets, so they don’t snag the yarn.
    • Get loopy! When you pull your loops, try to make them all roughly 5 inches, and keep count.
    • Don’t rush and accidentally skip loops. That will bite ya in the butt later.

We want to see your blankets. Upload your cozy photos on social media and tag us. Happy knitting!

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