How to Stay Motivated to Exercise this Winter

Staying motivated to exercise all winter long is no easy feat. Bears had the right idea with that whole hibernation thing. Can you imagine? “Hold my calls, back from my nap in five months.” Sign. Me. Up. 

Sadly, we humans do need to keep moving throughout the colder months and last season’s routine may need some adjusting. Try these tips to help you stick to your exercise routine throughout the winter:

1. Commit to a fitness challenge.
Penn and I love a fitness challenge to hold us accountable and give us a goal. Why not start one of your own with friends or colleagues? It could be 30 days of yoga flows, HIIT Fridays or set a number of miles to walk or run each week. Make it tough but fun, too.

2. Plan a virtual workout.
I know, Zoom is basically where we live now, but if you can “meet up” for cocktail hour you can meet up for a workout. (Or have cocktail hour after…) More studios and gyms are offering livestream workouts or you could schedule a group session with a trainer.

3. Experiment with days/times.
Finding the best day and time to work out can take a while, you just have to be patient and a bit flexible. Consider the most hectic parts of your week and plan accordingly. Once your body gets used to the new rhythm, it will be easier to stick to.

4. Invest in some new gear.
I never need a reason to buy new clothes, but when it comes to workout gear, new stuff just gets me excited to get moving. Just maybe don’t take any inspiration from Romy and Michelle’s treadmill getups. Your clothes should move with you, not distract you.

5. Choose a workout you love.
As in fashion, there are a lot of fitness trends out there. But just like mermaid hair and mini sunglasses (seriously, what is the point), they’re not for everyone. Whether you prefer high or low intensity workouts, find something you’ll want to stick to and forget what everyone else is doing.

6. Progress gradually.
Any time I try to go from zero to 100 with my workouts, I get discouraged or worse, hurt. Build up the frequency, duration and intensity of your workouts gradually to keep you on track and not sidelined with an injury.

7. Take it outside.
Layer up, put on that sunscreen (there are no off days for SPF, sorry not sorry) and head outside. Working out in the cold weather can actually help your body train more efficiently so you can burn more calories.

8. Don’t deprive yourself.
Real talk, there is so much good food during the winter. Holiday roasts and desserts, creamy soups, seasonal cocktails, I could go on. You don’t have to give it all up this winter and miss out of your favorite foodie traditions. Just keep it in moderation.

No one is saying you have to come out of the winter season ready for the next Ironman. But keeping your body moving throughout these months sets you up for success later on.

How do you change up your exercise routine during the winter? Let us know what works for you in the comments.

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