My 2020 Workout Playlist

As much as I’m an introvert, I do best in a packed gym with a good workout playlist. I crave the camaraderie and the competition of running or lifting next to someone. Before this global pandemic closed fitness studios, I had never been one to consistently challenge myself at home. Until now.

I’m proud to report that I now workout most days for about an hour. I do a mix of running, functional movement based strength, and a Peloton I bought from my neighbor. On my running and strength days, I need the motivation to get out the door, or to complete one more set. The music in my headphones is a huge motivator for me. 

Putting new tunes on my workout playlist always pumps me up, and I love to find out what others are listening to. Since we don’t know how long we will be working out solo, it’s important to keep your jams fresh. My music taste is all over the place: I love 90s hip hop, but I can belt Broadway show tunes with the best of them. You’ve been warned. 

Here are the songs that are keeping me moving right now:

Kim’s 2020 Workout Playlist

Disclaimer: Choose non-explicit versions if language if there are little ears listening.

1. 9 to 5, Dolly Parton (Yes Dolly Parton. She is an icon, an activist, and a prolific creator. I even have a bag that asks, “What Would Dolly Do?”)

2. Level Up, Ciara

3. Rain on Me, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande 

4. Work It, Missy Elliott 

5. Run the World (Girls), Beyonce

6. Good as Hell, Lizzo

7. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Marvin Gaye

8. Pump It, Black Eyed Peas

9. Push It, Salt-N-Pepa

10. Sunday Best, Surfaces

11. Blinding Lights, The Weeknd

12. Africa, Toto

13. I Like It, Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

14.  Satisfied, Hamilton Broadway Cast

15. I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Whitney Houston 

You can also get the full playlist on Spotify! What are you listening to that keeps you going to workout or just get work done around the house? Share with me in the comments!

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