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YouTube Stars The Holderness Family Launch Board Game Family Showdown Featuring “Phone Jail”

Raleigh, NC – October 11, 2017 – Viral video stars the Holderness Family introduce Family Showdown, an action-packed board game in which players race to finish by singing, charading, scavenger-hunting and dominating silly challenges. Millions of viewers from their popular YouTube channel can now play a major part in the launch! Special supporters could even get a special visit from the Holderness Family.

Their primary goal? Lock up your phone and bring your family together in healthy fun through movement, song and creative play. That’s why the game rules require players to “lock up” all devices in PHONE JAIL before the Family Showdown fun can begin.

“We created the phone jail because WE needed it. We found ourselves checking emails and texts at times when we should be focused on our family,” says Kim Holderness, co-creator of Family Showdown. She adds, “I think the phone jail is one of our children’s favorite parts. They know they are getting our uninterrupted attention.” Holderness’ theory is backed by the American College of Pediatrics per statements in this study.

Perfect for families with kids five and up, Family Showdown aims to bring people together for total fun and engagement without distractions. Players can play individually or form teams. They spin the wheel to select one of the following categories: DO What?!, BlobBlobBlob, Fetch and a Showdown (Mental and Physical).

“Family Showdown was born out of all the little games we played after dinner ourselves. One night we’d play a fast-paced game of simple charades. That became “Do WHAT?,” explains Penn Holderness, co-creator of Family Showdown. “Penn Charles would always sing songs using just “BlobBlobBlob” and we’d have to guess. That became (wait for it) “BlobBlobBlob.”

From acting out clues to singing songs using “Blob” to racing around to “fetch” objects around the house, Family Showdown promises loads of laughs. “Fetch is the best because you get to run around the house. I really like them all but Fetch is my favorite,” says 6-year-old Penn Charles.

“I like the showdowns because both teams play,” says 9-year-old Lola. “When they are physical challenges I like to beat my brother. I beat him holding a plank for ten minutes” (Mom’s note: she did not hold the plank for ten minutes. It was 90 seconds).

So how do you get Family Showdown? The Holderness Family is launching a Kickstarter campaign to get the board game produced. Backers of the new game get access to unique incentives that range from limited-edition characters to your name featured on game cards — there’s even a possibility of the Holderness Family actually flying to your town to play the game in person with your family and star in one of their hysterical vlogs!

So, let’s play Family Showdown with the Holderness Family!

About the Holderness Family:
The Holderness family is a dancing, singing, creatively awesome family whose hilarious videos have made them internet superstars. Nothing is off limits as Penn and Kim and their adorable children Lola and Penn Charles poke fun at themselves in parodies and vlogs about the normal absurdities of everyday life. Receiving national news coverage, the family’s popular parodies “XMAS Jammies,” “All About That Baste” and “Baby Got Class,” and original music “Snow Day” have become YouTube favorites.