The 11 Best Subscription Boxes to Gift this Holiday Season

I’m obsessed with the movie, Christmas Vacation. There’s a scene when cousin Eddie tries to make Clark feel better about the gift his company gave him: instead of his expected bonus he got a subscription to a “Jelly of the Month” Club. Sweet Eddie replied, “It’s the gift that keeps giving the whole year.”  

Obviously this makes me obsessed with giving subscription boxes. Here are 11 of our favorites.

KiwiCo Creative Crates

Do you have a kid showing interest in science and engineering? KiwiCo has created monthly crates for all ages and all types of interests. Seriously, their website says ages 0-104.

Book of the Month

Do you know someone who seems to devour books and is always on top of what’s popular? A Book of the Month subscription might just be the perfect gift.

Sheet Masks Every Month

If you know someone who could use some Me Time, send them monthly sheet masks so they know it’s time to take a break.

Bespoke Post

If your husband or son loves to look and smell good then a monthly box from Bespoke Post might be the answer.

Atlas Coffee Club

You can’t go wrong with a coffee subscription!

The Sill

For the plant lover in your life, a monthly potted plant sent right to their door every month.

Murray’s Cheese of the Month

Do you need a gift for the fanciest person in your life? Look no further than Cheese of the Month!

Sips By Tea Box

The tea lover in your life will jump for joy with this monthly gift of new teas to discover.


When it comes to monthly subscription boxes, LootCrate is the best in town. They have the perfect themed boxes for your favorite nerd.


Know someone who absolutely loves flowers? Can’t get enough of them? BloomsyBox has a special delivery just for them.

Crated with Love

A themed date night in a box every month? Let’s do this!

Do you have a subscription box you love? Let me know!

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