The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

My kids are getting older, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love walking down the toy aisle. (I’m that Mom that will fawn over toddler outfits at Target even when I don’t have anyone to buy them for.) Many of my friends are at different stages in life. Some have young kids, some have kids the same age as mine, and some don’t have kids of their own but they are kick-ass Aunts. 

So I sourced a wide range of these trusted advisors to see what gift ideas they had for kids this year.

For the Gamer

When I heard about this Doodlematic Mobile Game Maker, I was in disbelief. Your kid can draw their own video game level, take a photo, and play it on an app. Whaaatt. This is perfect for the family who struggles with screen time (don’t we all?) Now they can learn HOW to make video games! 

For the Scientist

My friend joked that she was going to buy this for her son to teach him patience. With the Mega Gemstone & Fossil Dig Kit your kid gets to mine for their own fossils and gems. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, with 15 treasures to excavate, your kid will be busy for a WHILE. 

For the Little Chef

Lola’s love for baking stems from being in the kitchen with me and my Mom around the holidays. I seriously wish they had a Cooking and Baking gift set like this when my kids were smaller! The safe to use utensils and unisex colors make it great for any kid who wants to help in the kitchen. 

For Family Fun

It’s hard when you have a large age range of kids to include everyone in family game night. This No-Draw Pictionary card game is great for the whole family to get involved. The best part is that you also work in teams. A great stocking stuffer!

For the Creator

The Scratch and Shimmer Spirograph is a new take on an old classic. Using the spirograph designs, you can create gorgeous rainbow designs with these special scratch off sheets. You can also use the spirograph with plain paper too!

For the Young Photog

A friend of mine has a hilarious album of photos her kids have taken when they steal her phone. (Honestly she should make them black and white and sell them. They are very avant-garde.) With an actual camera, her kids can go out and take their own photos without stealing their parent’s phone or using a tablet. 

For the Little Engineer

If your toddler loves an excuse to get out their play toolkit, this John Deere Tractor Engine is a great way to keep them occupied. With tons of different tools, they can repair this play engine for hours. Not to mention it has sounds and lights. 

For the Make Believer

With all of us spending more time indoors this year, sometimes you need to escape from reality. With this Fort Construction Kit, your kids can imagine all sorts of make believe places. The heavy duty faux wood panels and connectors keep your creations upright while the panels stack flat for easy storage. 

For the Fancy One

This cozy blanket is fit for royalty! A Princess Dress Wearable Blanket turns everyday into dress up for your little one. You can choose from all your favorite princesses, making it a perfect accessory for your next princess movie night. Now do they come in adult size?

For the Kid Who Has Everything

A friend of mine who has a large family says instead of buying tons of gifts for all the kids, they buy modestly and make a donation in the child’s name to Toys for Tots. It’s a good talking point to teach children about helping others and spreading the joy of Christmas to all. 

What kids gifts are you eyeing for Christmas this year? Share with me in the comments! 

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