| Jul 2019

Tweenage Years: We May Not Survive This

Tweenage Holderness Podcast

You guys, the tweenage years have arrived at the Holderness House. Lola is practically a teenager, and it has definitely changed the family dynamics, relationships and communication styles. When your kids are infants, there are a thousand books on when they should hit milestones and what you should do if they fall behind. So, where the heck are all the teenage manuals? They are scary waters to navigate…and we may not survive it. 

Tweenagers Defined by the Doctor

After a cankerous mother-daughter showdown, I got Lola to the doctor for her 13-year check-up. Her primary care asked how the past year has gone, and I was honest about it being a bit of a moody year. I appreciated her response. She said Lola’s brain and body are going through so many changes, and it is quite overwhelming. I mean, she confirmed my daughter has grown 8 inches in two years! As parents, it can help to keep this fact front and center in our brains – especially during the really frustrating times.

Tweenagers Defined by Dad

Penn recalls the days when Lola would come to him with her feelings, but she has started to pull away as she gets older. Poor Dad would crawl through the desert for those heart-to-heart talks of yesteryear. There relationship is changing. It’s a real struggle, so Dr. (Fake) Phil had to make an appearance to shed some light on the subject.

Tweenagers Defined by Mom

Lola getting older means that she is gaining more independence, and that includes both the freedom to walk to the store with her brother or having more social activities with friends. With new independence comes new opportunities for mistakes. I just ask that she trusts us with those mistakes. 

School, social situations and parent relationships – oh my! The tweenage years are quite brutal, but one thing that brings us hope…Lola. She is so kind and willing to help others. She got a C on a genetics test we studied so hard for and I gave her a high-five when she told me the result. I can handle a mediocre grade. Knowing that all the other girls in her class are experiencing the same thing, experiencing so many changes and challenges, I rather Lola be a good person. And she is proving to be just that. 

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