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The truth about me: I feel ALL the feels

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Post from Kim. Here’s a newsflash: I suffer from some pretty wicked panic attacks. Yep. Me, the one dancing in pajamas, has moments when anxiety and depression forces me into a fog. Right now, I can’t stop obsessing about the children caught in this refugee crisis. Seriously, read this by clicking HERE, look at the […]

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I’m a nutrition hypocrite.

Let me see your candy bowl

I admit it. I send my kids to school with organic fruit and sandwiches on sprouted wheat bread. They enjoy treats occasionally, but they know candy is not a healthy option. Then there’s me. The minute Halloween candy becomes available I buy bags and bags “for the children” I say. Ha! I pry open those […]

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The reality of Fantasy Football.

The reality of fantasy football

We think this video sums it up… check it out, then read more. OK, AGAIN, FOOTBALL IS HERE! Odds are you either smile ear-to-ear, or you cringe at that exclamation. In our family, it’s one of each. Especially the NFL season, which brings with it Fantasy Football, which can lead to some occasional horrible parenting […]

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Every day we’re hoverin’


As always, our musical videos are way over the top, but with some truth to them. For example, here are some truths in our Helicopter Parent video: 1. We put enough sunscreen on them to make them look like zombies. 2. We did put Lola on a human leash at Disney World when she was […]

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For Alison and Adam

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We didn’t know Alison and Adam, but we feel like we do. I know, that sounds like something a politician would say, but in this case, it’s more true than you think. Kim and I worked in local news for a collective 30 years. There is a pretty unique kinship between everyone in the biz. […]

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The Other Side of Ashley Madison


This has been, I imagine, a horrible week for a lot of married couples around the world, thanks to the Ashley Madison leaks. It’s hard to have sympathy for the “victims” of privacy invasion, considering they willingly signed up for a website that helps them commit adultery, but I don’t wish that kind of pain […]

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Girls like Star Wars too!


When Lola was born we were drowning in a sea of pink tutus and princess sleepers. I couldn’t have been happier. Every trip through Target I would find another girl-tastic gem … those little socks that look like teeny ballet slippers? I’ll take 12! When Penn Charles was born, I ventured into the baby boy […]

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