A Guide to (Mostly) Thriving With ADHD

A New York Times Bestseller!

Whether it’s your own brain or someone else’s that you’re trying to understand, we want to give you a new perspective on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Our book gives strategies you can employ to make life with ADHD a little easier. (We also hope you laugh out loud, at least once… or twice.)

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In this book you will learn:

ADHD 101

What it’s actually like to live with an ADHD brain

Why It Has The Worst Name Ever

Including common ADHD misconceptions

To Change The Narrative

Finding the upsides of an ADHD diagnosis

That You Can Thrive

Strategies and techniques for surviving for mastering ADHD

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“A hilarious and compassionate guide to rocking life with an ADHD brain. Packed with humor and genuine insights, it’s the rare self-help book you’ll love reading all the way to the end.”  

— Marcy Caldwell, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist, ADHD Specialist

You Should Get This Book If:

▢ You have ADHD
▢ Your spouse has ADHD
▢ Your child has ADHD
▢ Your best friend has ADHD
▢ You like fun graphs and illustrations
▢ You want something to read other
than your phone in the bathroom


The world isn’t built for people with ADHD and navigating it can wear us down. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: Having ADHD doesn’t have to be a burden. It can actually be a superpower that propels you to creative heights and allows you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. With the expertise of doctors, our first-hand experience, and a colorful layout built for the ADHD brain, we hope this book shows you that.

Praise for ADHD Is Awesome

“Featuring true-to-life examples, evidence-based treatments, meditation, a host of life hacks, and self-compassion, it will strike a major chord for all experiencing ADHD in themselves or family members.”

Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD

Distinguished professor of psychology, University of California Berkeley

“Few books embrace the lived experience of someone with ADHD quite like ADHD Is Awesome. Filled with relatable anecdotes and fun graphics, this book is sure to keep the attention of those with ADHD.”

Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, PhD

President of the American Psychological Association Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

“Hilarious, smart, and oh so relatable! Penn takes us through his own lived experience of ADHD, helping the reader feel seen, supported, and celebrated. A must-read for anyone with ADHD and the ones who love them.”

Emily W. King, PhD

Child Psychologist, Parenting Coach

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