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In 2013, Penn and Kim hit publish on “XMAS Jammies” – a seemingly innocent video Christmas Card intended for their immediate family. Overnight, their video went viral on YouTube and they ’ve been making goofy videos with their family ever since. Seven years later, their videos have resulted in over a billion views and 4.5 million followers across social media. Their family also continues to be one of the most sought-after content creators for family brands.

Today, they own their own company, Holderness Family Productions, where Kim is Chief Executive Officer and Penn is Chief Creative Officer. As well as creating content for their channels, they also work alongside brands and agencies to shape product launches and marketing campaigns. Their book about improving communication in a marriage was released March 30, 2021.

Kim Holderness

Before Holderness Family Productions, Kim Holderness worked as a correspondent for Inside Edition as well as television news reporter. In 2008, she began her own business, Greenroom Communications, which is now part of the digital marketing agency, Walk West. Kim is an entrepreneur at heart. She has most recently co-created a health & wellness on-demand course.

Penn Holderness

Penn Holderness spent 18 years in the television business before being known for dancing in his jammies. He has been a sports director in Colorado and Orlando, a host for HGTV, a reporter for ESPN, and a news anchor in Raleigh. Penn has experimented with writing a full-length musical which he hopes to complete one day.

Penn and Kim live in Raleigh with their two children and dog.


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