14 Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

Though my kids are 12 and 15 now, the Easter Bunny still makes visits to our house. Even when they were younger, I tried to lean heavy on the non-candy options for their baskets. If I can be honest, it’s mostly for my benefit. My kids are robots and never eat all the candy… but I certainly do. (I would be elbow deep into their baskets two weeks after Easter.) So I made the switch. My Easter Basket for teens? Less candy, more small gifts. 

Don’t get me wrong. These aren’t Christmas/Birthday level gifting options. I think of it as more “stocking stuffer” level. 


Who Doesn’t Love A Theme

I have a friend who treats the Easter basket as a way to prepare for summer. She’s always gifted flip flops, a cool beach towel, and a swimsuit in their baskets. (I do love a good theme!)

I usually get items in 3 categories: candy (yes, they still SOME get candy), a book or small toy, and something personal. For the personal item, I get especially proud of myself when I think of an item they can use on Easter – for example, a new purse for Lola to match her Easter dress for church. 

Here are 14 ideas if you have a teen in your life too: 


#1 Crossbody Purse

#2 Hair Claw Clips

#3 Toiletry Bag

(Bonus points if you include one of two of their favorite toiletry products!)


#4 Foam Glider Planes 


#5 Gratitude Journal


#6 Mad Libs


#7 Dainty Cross Layered Necklace


#8 New Pajamas Comfy or Cute 


#9 Sonic Fin Football


#10 Hair Towel


#11 Slides


#12 Sunscreen


#13 Bar Body Soap

#14 Lip Balm


What are your go-to items for your kids? (Or Easter Basket for teens!) Tell me in the comments!


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