| Oct 2016

Device addiction: He’s texting and I know it.

We have a confession to make. Penn and I are dependent on our our phones in an unhealthy way. We admit it. We run a business that depends on consistent communication and fast responses. The phone has become an appendage that pulls our attention with every beep or ring. We aren’t proud of this, in fact, it’s embarrassing. Our kids see the tops of our heads when they should see our eyes. Penn and I are making some big changes.

This video is an exaggeration. Sort of. At the end a sneak peak of a special announcement coming tomorrow (October 11, 2016) about something we’ve created to encourage more fun time and less screen time.

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The Holderness family has been dancing in pajamas and singing during snow days for years — but last year they hit the record button on the camera and published their goofy video on YouTube. Penn, Kim, Lola, and Penn Charles continue to make hilarious videos around tent-pole events and circumstances most families face.