How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

This past year, Penn and I went out on a date. When we sat down we both happily agreed, “Let’s not talk about work or the kids.” We smiled, ordered drinks, and then we sat there. I’m pretty sure one of us started commenting on the weather outside. 

Was work and the kids all we ever talked about? Have we been together so long we know everything about each other? (Also, please enjoy the photo above of us on our first date in 2003…) 

Getting Competitive

When you’ve been married for a long time, it’s hard to learn something new about each other. Luckily, our producer, Ann Marie Taepke, joined us this week on our podcast to help. Inspired by our friends, Shawn Johnson and Andrew East (who did this on their podcast recently) we played “How Well Do You Know Your Partner?” You can play too! 

Divide the list up and take turns guessing the right answers for each other: 

Ask Your Partner

  1. Where did you go for your most recent date night and what did I order? 
  2. What would I say my favorite quality is about you? 
  3. What is the last song you heard me sing? 
  4. What does my ideal morning look like? 
  5. Who was my childhood crush? 
  6. What is an item that is still on my bucket list? 
  7. If I was an animal, what animal would I be? 
  8. What did I wear on our first date? 

Your Partner Asks You

  1. What was the most recent embarrassing moment for me? 
  2. Do I prefer laundry or dishes? 
  3. What do I value the most in a friendship? 
  4. What is something small that makes my day? 
  5. Would I rather be loved, respected, or admired? 
  6. What was the worst trip I’ve ever taken? 
  7. What is the strangest job I’ve ever had? 
  8. What place do I want to travel to but haven’t yet? 

Tell us if you do this with your partner and listen to the podcast to hear our answers plus a bonus question! You will learn what I have pretend fights about, Penn’s worst vacation, and why Penn thinks he married a cat. (I agree, by the way.) Happy listening!