My 2023 Gift Guide for Readers

I’m a proud reader and I know a lot of people in my life who love to read. I felt it was only right to have a special gift guide just for them. Please enjoy these 14 gifts that any reader in your life will adore!

Bucket List Poster

As an avid reader, getting to some of the classics is on my bucket list. This scratch-off poster has 100 must-read books, from Harry Potter to Great Expectations. I think it would also be a great conversation starter if you display it openly in your home.

Book Themed Candles

When I find some time to read, I like to set the mood with a comfy outfit, fuzzy blanket, and a nice candle. This book-themed set comes with 6 candles in all different scents.

Wooden Triangle Book and Drink Holder

If you like to read in bed to help you fall asleep, this triangle book holder will help hold your place with no pesky dog-eared pages. Plus the drink and pen holder can keep your warm drink close by. It comes in 3 shades of wood so it will look good on any nightstand.

Neck Reading Light

Reading lights come in many shapes and sizes, but I quite enjoy this one that wraps around your neck. You can turn one or both sides on with 3 levels of brightness and 3 temperature modes. As opposed to a stationary book light, this neck light follows where your eyes are looking so the page is always illuminated. 

Kindle Paperwhite

When it comes to Kindles, the new Agave Green paperwhite is all the rage on BookTok. It is glare-free, waterproof, and has an adjustable warm light for reading day or night. There are a lot of customization options which is perfect for a reader on the go.

Literary Postcards

Whether you actually want to mail these or use them as wall decor, this collection of 100 postcards showcases bold graphic interpretations of the greatest literary quotes of all time. Some of the authors included are Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen.

Coffee Glass

Let the people know that you are a loud and proud reader with this glass that reads, “My Weekend Is All Booked.” Fill it with iced coffee to keep you caffeinated through a long reading session.

Funny Socks

If your love of reading goes all the way down to your toes, you need these socks in your life.

Stet! Card Game

Labeled as a game for language lovers, grammar Geeks, and bibliophiles, Stet! puts your copyediting skills to the test.

Floating Bookshelves

Books aren’t just for reading, they are also for showing off. This set of 3 shelves supports up to 20lbs of books. So pull your favorites out to give your walls some literary pizzazz.

The Book Lover’s Cookbook

If you love cooking just as much as reading, this cookbook is for you. It includes recipes from Little Women to The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Personal Library Kit

Sharing your favorite book with a friend is one of the greatest joys in life…but so is getting it back. Add the self-adhesive checkout card to the inside cover of the book, use the date stamp to select a return date, and loan out your babies with ease.

Vintage Checkout Card Coasters

If you love the look of the old-style library checkout cards, these drink coasters are for you. Plus, make sure no water rings end up anywhere near your precious books.

Really Loud Librarians Game

In this game, play as one of two librarians and get your voice ready to call out words that go with the category on the card. You are on the clock, so the more words you know, the better!

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