My 2023 Midwest Gift Guide

Oh hey there, Kim’s Midwest Neighbor here! I’m taking over this gift guide, because I kept telling Kim things she needed to add to her lists. I had so many ideas that instead of writing them down, Kim gave me her laptop and told me to get typing. 

When I was growing up as a teenager Up North, there was one gift you wanted from your boyfriend that was better than a promise ring: An automatic car starter. Your boyfriend had to coordinate installing it with your Dad and surprise you with a gift wrapped fob. All to make sure you didn’t have to endure a freezing cold car on your way to school every morning. That’s true love, people.

These 14 gifts are thoughtful, practical, and perfect to keep your body (and heart) warm: 

Weather Tech Mats

Even if you don’t live in a climate with snow, weather tech mats are a great gift to keep your car floor tidy. They are easy to wipe and vacuum, especially great for someone with kids. 

Cider Donut Candle

If there’s one thing Midwesterners love about the weather cooling off, it’s cider mill donuts. Even though cider donut season subsides in winter, the scent will warm their heart.

Snow Brush and Scraper Set

Most people have a snow scraper, but I swear by a good extendable snowbrush. (Before these fancy contraptions I used a kitchen broom!) Great for larger vehicles

Casserole Carrier

There’s nothing worse than pulling your casserole out of the oven and trying to balance a kitchen towel on your lap to transport it to your holiday get-together. A casserole carrier will keep your 13×9 secure and your lap from burning up. 

Survival Guide Book

Our friend, Charlie Berens, wrote a hilarious guide to how to survive in the Midwest. But even someone from the Midwest will enjoy reading its anecdotes. 

Tech-Friendly Gloves

When it’s cold enough to wear gloves it can get annoying having to pull them halfway off to use your phone or touchscreen. These gloves allow you to use your device while keeping your fingers toasty. 

Cookie Press


There’s something about a classic cookie press spritz cookie. It reminds me of big family gatherings growing up and how fun it was to help with the press in the kitchen. 

Christmas Pickle Ornament

The Christmas pickle is a fun family tradition. You hide the ornament in the tree, then on Christmas morning the first person to find it gets an extra gift and a year of good fortune. 

Cocktail Smoker

My husband and I love a smoky cocktail, especially when the weather gets cold. Whether you like an old fashioned or a manhattan, this is a great gift for the whiskey or bourbon drinker in your life! 

Euchre Deck

Yes, you can just use a regular card deck to play euchre by eliminating some of the cards. But isn’t a special deck so much more fun? This is a great stocking stuffer! 

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Midwesterners are no stranger to hand warmers, but rechargeable ones? Now I know we are in the future. These are such a great gift to keep your loved one toasty. 

Flannel Shirt Jacket

Wintertime in the Midwest is all about layering. I love this flannel shirt jacket, because it can fit under a larger coat or be worn over a sweatshirt on milder days. 

Non-Slip Slippers

I love to wear house slippers that have a hard sole. That way I can wear them inside as well as to grab the mail or run an errand where I am staying in my car. These are cute, comfy, and non-slip for every activity! 

Stanley Beer Stein

Who said you can’t be fancy with your beer? While you don’t need to worry about your beer staying cold in the winter, this is a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. Great for tailgating, camping, or hanging in the yard!

What Midwest essential gifts did I miss? You guys let me know in the comments, and check out the rest of the 2023 gift guides right here!

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