Olympics Watch Party Must-Haves

The Olympics are finally here! (Are we still calling it the 2020 Olympics? Because it’s really 2021 now… just saying.) My family and I love to watch all the athletes compete in the Olympic Games. Last year when they were postponed, we tried to bring some fun by challenging real Olympians to silly games in the 2020 Fauxlumpics. This year, Penn and I are attempting actual Olympic events to show just how easy these competitors make it look. (This events are hard, people. Trust me.)

I can’t imagine the amount of effort and training they put in to reach this level of achievement. I want to cry and clap for every.single.one of them. (And I probably will several times over the next two weeks.)


Family Watch Party

The four of us always find time to watch our favorite events together as a family. Here are some fun ideas you can use at house as your cheer on your favorite Olympians! 

#1 Snacks 

What’s a party without themed snack food? Mix it up with some salty and some sweet with these Olympic Torch Cupcakes and Olympic Ring Pretzels. If you are in the mood for something a bit more fancy, try making a red, white, and blue themed charcuterie board.  

If you have older kids who like to work in the kitchen, they might be inspired with some of these creative ideas over at Food Network – I especially love their jello swimming pool pictured above! 

#2 Games 

To get everyone in competition spirit, I recommend creating your own set of games either inside or outside. In between Olympic events, you can see who can do the most push-ups in 1-minute, who can hold a plank the longest, or who can answer the most Olympic trivia questions. (You can also check out some of our Fauxlympic Games from last year!) If you need a break from the action, get outside for a cornhole tournament or basketball knockout.

If you are feeling next level, you can search Pinterest for ideas for backyard games that you will need to prep ahead of time. One of my favorite ideas is called Human Ring Toss – pictured above – where you duct tape the ends of a pool noodle together (or get inflatable pool rings) and throw the ring over your partner. Get farther away from your partner each time and see who can ring their partner from the furthest away. 

#3 Prizes 

No matter which game route you choose, it’s always fun to have a few prizes to make your competitors feel like they are standing on the podium. (Even if it’s a friendly competition.) Here’s a couple of fun ideas to make your athletes feel like gold medalists: 

  • Make jars of candy for Gold (Reese Cups), Silver (Hershey Kisses), and Bronze (Rolos).
  • Make medals. You can go as simple as making them with paper and string or get your kids involved with something super cute like these made with crafting clay– pictured below. You can also make edible versions using your favorite cookies or chocolate gold coins. 

What fun ideas do you have for the Olympics? Share your ideas in the comments. 

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