| Nov 2016
Family Room

Turkey with a side of passive aggressiveness

A Thanksgiving recipe from Kim’s family:

  1. Take one family and divide it into two political parties
  2. Add a divisive election
  3. Add a splash of alcohol
  4. Stir it all together at a family gathering

Wait about 20 minutes after your crazy uncle arrives and you have a giant, HOT MESS.

Isn’t it bizarre how one family from the same town, the same circumstances, same DNA can differ so completely when it comes to politics? My brother and I are on the opposite sides of the political spectrum, but I would still step in front of a train for him.

We both want the best for our children and our country — we disagree on how it should be done. So, we do like any highly functioning dysfunctional family and IGNORE POLITICS COMPLETELY. It works for us. In our latest parody, we made a handy list of topics you can talk about over Thanksgiving dinner that have nothing to do with the presidential election.  Do you and your family agree politically? How do you deal?

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