| Dec 2013

Why everyone should try a triathlon, and why Raleigh is the perfect place to do it

Why everyone should try a triathlon, and why Raleigh is the perfect place to do it

Six months ago I did something I thought I would never do.  Six months later I am slower, fatter, and lazier, but at least I have these pictures, and this story, to prove it.

  • http://facebook Susie

    How do I join your website I love what you are doing.Merry Christmas!

  • Christina

    So funny!!! You are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I Love this page!!! I haven’t stopped laughing!!! You guys are great!!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Steve

    With you… after years of running Marathons, I decided to try a 70.3, but training enough for a 50.3… luckily day of the race, I made it – 6:28… yee haw.

  • http://www.thepaleonetwork.com Ann Wilson

    You are hilarious, Penn! I’ve done two full Ironmans (FL 2010 and Canada 2012). Somehow the weight creeps back on and the motivation leaves for a while. I watched both Christmas videos and they just made my day. I want to join your family for a day. That would be so much fun!

  • http://cyclekit.wordpress.com christiandransfield

    Great video! Kudos on you both completing an Iron Man challenge, too!

    I’m a Crohn’s disease sufferer and cycled 5 Tour de France mountain stages for charity last year, solo. I’m taking a group of people to do a load more mountain stages in July 2014, and you’d be more than welcome to join us, if you’re up to the challenge!

  • Wanda

    Hi, I really enjoy your xmas family Jammie. It truly made my morning to be happy. Have A Wonderful Holiday.

  • http://www.optimumpersonalcare.com Bobby English

    Trying to get to your website: “VisitTheGreenRoom.com…. Please advise when you get it up and running again… Email me at: optpercare@aol.com Looking to make a commercial for my business. My website is: http://www.optimumpersonalcare.com

    Thanks…Bobby English

  • Chrissy

    Great job on the Xmas video of your family! I loved it! I too have 2 young kids and I am planning to start training for an Ironman. While I have a good idea what how rigorous my training will be, I was wondering how demanding the training schedule will be on my spouse. Care to share?

  • Fred Fernfucker

    Who gives a big rats ass, geeeez, get over yourself asswipe

  • http://sykkelmosjonisten.blogg.no/ Tanja

    Hei again !! Wow and nice work for bought og you ! I use to go on competition with bikecycle and run halv marathon in Norway . Had 8 competitions this year, dream is, go to New York and run ful marathon there and complet a Iron Man in Norway , but need to exersise a little more first 😉 .

    Keep going , have motivation and hope that you will finish triatlhon next year too !!!! So so sweet that ur daughter finished a (mini ) marathon she too !!!! Very nice for a small girl =)

  • Steve O

    You’re a non-athletic dork.

  • Claus Hollmann

    What a great-hearted and unusual Christmas greeting;-)

    We are going on our first holiday to the USA this summer 2014 – and we will visit Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

    If you have any places you can recommend so we would like to hear from you ..

    We are a family of 4 from Copenhagen – Denmark

    We wish you a Merry Christmas;-)

  • Avery

    Well I agree Mr. Wilderness
    Btw I live in apex

    • Avery

      Meant to say holderness stupid auto correct

  • Avery

    It really is a pretty place

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