10 TV Towns I’m Ready to Move To

As much as I love a TV drama that takes me to the mean streets of a place like New York City or Washington, D.C., small-town life just looks better on the small screen. There always seems to be something going on, even when there’s nothing going on, ya know? Some of my favorite TV shows take place in tiny towns you won’t find on any map, and I love revisiting them whenever I need a little pick-me-up.

Perhaps it’s the quirky characters hanging out at the local greasy spoon or the wacky competitions, but I’d be happy to move to any of these fake TV towns: 

1. Bluebell, Alabama, Hart of Dixie

Why It’s Perfect: No matter the weekend or the weather, there’s always something going on in this Southern town. From chilli cook offs to talent shows, you could never say life in Bluebell was boring.

  • Our Role in Town: Leader of the Belles

2. Stars Hollow, Connecticut, Gilmore Girls

Why It’s Perfect: The town meetings alone would make me move to this oddball New England town in a heartbeat. But more than anything, the folks of Stars Hollow help each other out whenever and however they can.

  • Our Role in Town: Server at Luke’s Diner


3. Pawnee, Indiana, Parks and Recreation

Why It’s Perfect: Along with all that Midwestern nice comes plenty of snark in this little town where a pit can become a beautiful park. It may not be the most organized place, but any town with Leslie Knope is where I want to be.

  • Our Role in Town: Entertainment 720 Intern

4. Tree Hill, North Carolina, One Tree Hill

Why It’s Perfect: Three words: Burning Boat Festival. Everyone knows small towns are full of gossip and drama, especially Tree Hill, which is what makes their annual tradition to throw all their bad memories and juju into the flames so awesome.

  • Our Role in Town: Bouncer at Tric

5. Capeside, Massachusetts, Dawson’s Creek

Why It’s Perfect: Despite being filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, the scenery of Capeside was autumnal, New England perfection. Basically the entire series looked like it was filmed inside a J. Crew catalog.

  • Our Role in Town: Cashier/VHS Rewinder at Screen Play Video

6. Stuckeyville, Ohio, Ed

Why It’s Perfect: They say you can’t go home again, but Stuckeyville, Ohio provides you absolutely can … it just might be awkward. But that’s nothing a friendsgiving in a bowling alley can’t solve. It’s the perfect place to start over (and rekindle old flames).

  • Our Role in Town: Lane Attendant at Stuckeybowl


7. Dillon, Texas, Friday Night Lights

Why It’s Perfect: For all the football fans out there, you can’t do much better than Texas town. They are obsessed — and I mean OBSESSED — with the game, so you better know your stuff. There is a real Dillon, but it’s an actual ghost town, if you’re into that.

  • Our Role in Town: Assistant Football Coach

8. Serenity, South Carolina, Sweet Magnolias

Why It’s Perfect: There may be a lot of gossip (and surprise babies) in this town but there always seems to be time for happy hour. The drama always seems to pause long enough for the three magnolias to “pour it out” over margaritas.

  • Our Role in Town: Fitness Instructor at The Corner Spa

9. Schitt’s Creek, Schitt’s Creek

Why It’s Perfect: The Rose family’s purgatory was spent in a place that was low on things to do, but big on one thing: acceptance. The best part about this town was its embodiment of the phrase “come as you are.”

  • Our Role in Town: Cashier at Rose Apothecary


10. Camden County, My Name Is Earl

Why It’s Perfect: Come for the annual Camden County Fair, stay for the Crab Shack. Camden County definitely isn’t what you would call a fancy place to live, but it’s a place made for second chances.

  • Our Role in Town: Receptionist at the Palms Motel

Which fictional TV town could you see yourself living in? Share your pick in the comments below.