10 YouTube Rabbit Holes for Quarantine

It always starts out innocent. You go to look up how to cut your husband’s hair on YouTube, and something catches your eye on the conveniently-placed sidebar. You click. And why not? It’s not like you have anything else to do right now. Suddenly, you find that you’ve been watching earwax removal videos for 20 minutes wondering why you sat down at your computer in the first place. Welcome, you’ve entered the YouTube rabbit hole. 

If you’ve been here a while, you know my obsession with pimple popping and blackhead removal. Dr. Sandra Lee is a national treasure. I used to watch her videos at night to help me unwind and fall asleep. If you’re done binge watching your favorite sitcom and looking to escape on YouTube, here are 10 rabbit holes that you can travel down. (Don’t forget to check out our music and vlog channels while you’re at it!) Enjoy and I’m also sorry.

Bon Appetit

I absolutely love watching Pastry Chef, Claire Saffitz, recreate gourmet junk food. I could seriously watch it for hours. Can you imagine what even goes into making a gourmet Sour Patch Kid? She fails along the way but never gives up. It’s amazing how bougie you can make a pizza roll. Also, the chefs have a sort of cult following online, which has led to many meme accounts.

Chase Holfelder

It’s amazing to see the talent emanating from the music side of YouTube. Chase does amazing song covers and high note challenges, but has gained a huge following with his “major to minor” series. It’s so cool to see how different some of the most popular pop songs sound like changed to a minor key. He also happens to live right outside of our hometown in NC!

What’s Inside

It’s a simple concept: cut things in half and see what is inside. But I just can’t stop watching. We are lucky enough to call Dan and his family friends of ours. Watching him and his son cut open soccer balls, fidget spinners, giant wasp nests, and most recently…a Tesla has been awesome. Dan also made a cameo in our Taylor Swift parody last year.

Dude Perfect

If you have spent any time on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of these college roommates who turned their love of trick shot challenges into a YouTube channel. I can’t get PC to stop watching, but I won’t lie, I love watching too. Their energy and excitement is infectious. It’s an easy rabbit hole to fall down, especially with their unreal warehouse set.

BBC Radio 1

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Harry Styles cover a Fleetwood Mac song or Lorde cover a Phil Collins song or Sam Smith cover a Drake song…have I convinced you yet? All of these amazing covers happen in the Live Lounge at BBC Radio 1. It’s quite fun when an artist put their take on a song in a different genre or generation.

Great Big Story

Known for their 60-second shorts on social media, Great Big Story is amazing at putting a spotlight on some unsung heroes or unearthed stories from around the world and bundling it in a small package. Stories of teenage sneaker dealers and foley artists, all under five minutes. 

Dr. Pimple Popper

Dr. Sandra Lee is dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon who has jumped in popularity due to her pimple extraction videos. I am one of her diligent fans, loving everything from blackheads to cysts to acne. I find the removal so satisfying and yes I have actually watched it to help me fall asleep.

The Wax Whisperer

Equal in satisfaction to pimple popping has to be earwax removal. Neel Raithatha is an audiologist who gives you a first-hand look at the earwax coming out with an oto-endoscope. Some people cannot watch these, but I find them entirely fascinating. I cannot look away if I tried.

Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall is a choreographer who makes fun dance workouts to popular Top 40 songs. I love to watch his videos because he always has a positive and encouraging attitude. I also appreciate the other dancers who are modifying the choreography for people who can’t “get low” like Caleb.

First We Feast

Last but not least, who doesn’t love watching celebs sweat over hot wings? First We Feast is Complex’s take on food culture and their most popular segment is Hot Ones, where host Sean Evans asks questions and the guest must eat a progressively spicy chicken wing. The show has had rappers, actors, comedians, and even chefs on as guests. (Rachael Ray’s dominance of the wings is incredible.) It’s always awesome to see who will make it through all ten wings as the Scoville scale goes up.

So, have you watched any of these channels? What’s your favorite YouTube channel? Sound off in the comments and let me know! I’ll see if I can fit it into my already jam-packed Watch Later playlist.