How Millennial Are You?

Even though I identify as Gen X, I am *technically* an Xennial. This means I am straddling the line between the two generations.

Millennials tend to get a bad rap for being spoiled, lazy, and told their whole life they were special. This generalization has not been my experience at all. 

We recently put out a new song called “Welcome to the Club,” which is all about us Gen Xers sympathizing with Millennials as they age. The youngest Millennials are now about 27 years old, with the elders going up to 42. As a 47-year-old Gen Xer, I know millennials are starting to really feel the aches and pains of getting older. 

Whether you were technically born between 1981-1996 or not, we made a quiz to see just how millennial you are! Count up how many of these apply to you and head to the bottom to see your score.

  • You were born after the Bicentennial (That’s 1976 for those who haven’t googled it)
  • The thought of going to a club does not sound interesting
  • You would prefer if concerts had matinee options
  • You have a calendar on your fridge
  • You watch Jeopardy
  • You have a favorite Jeopardy host
  • You do Wordle every day 
  • You share your Wordle results on a text string
  • You have a favorite sparkling water brand
  • You own reader glasses
  • When someone says “20 years ago” you think of the 80s
  • You’ve been told your clothes are “vintage”
  • You think about holiday shopping in October
  • You have bought shoes for comfort not looks
  • Your hangovers take more than 24 hours to get over
  • You prefer movie theaters that serve food
  • You don’t recognize the musical guests on SNL
  • You go on walks to improve your mental health
  • You bought a specialty chair for back pain
  • You’ve walked into a room and forgot what you were looking for
  • Your grocery store plays your favorite music
  • You get in bed by 8pm on the regular
  • You own more than 1 houseplant
  • You have named your houseplants
  • You take supplements
  • You have a favorite spatula
  • You compile your grocery shopping list throughout the week
  • You are happy when people cancel plans 
  • You own a Theragun (or Amazon dupe)
  • You have a Costco card
  • You’ve made a dinner reservation for 6pm
  • You get excited to deep clean your house
  • You own a sleep mask
  • You’ve gone on a Disney vacation as an adult
  • You drink kombucha for your gut health
  • You are a fan of Blink-182
  • You know who Tom DeLonge is
  • You keep painkillers in your everyday bag
  • You have a favorite mocktail recipe
  • You feel like there’s one body part always giving you a hard time

Tally Your Results

Perfect 40: Holy moly, you are the most Millennial millennial who has ever been born. My guess is that you have a customized supplement prescription and complain to your houseplant Linda about some weird hip pain you’ve been having.

32-39: Congratulations you are probably born between 1981 and 1996. Do you take pride on your Wordle score? Do the words Quordle and Worldle mean anything to you?

24-31: My guess is that you are Gen Xer who is young at heart. I get you. Your fridge is filled with Spindrift and you “shazam” the music at the supermarket to add to your “Oldie But A Goodie” Spotify playlist.

16-23: Are you a Millennial who feels like you don’t fit in with your generation? Maybe you were born too late and feel like an 80s kid. Or maybe born too early and you think Gen Z is pretty lit? Either way, you’re just kinda millennial.

8-15: Congratulations? You’re telling me you don’t have any back pain, stay out late, and don’t keep a calendar? Dang! You’re too cool for school! Actually, tell me your secrets. Please!

0-7: Okay, I felt like some of these options were pretty universal to all age groups. Are you okay? Are you an alien from another planet? If so, come over and talk to my husband about space. I don’t think I can take another hour long explanation on how the Webb Telescope works.