11 Unique Summer Fun Inflatables

We’ve all been doing our best to keep ourselves occupied this summer. Whether you have a kiddie pool in your backyard, are headed to social distance at the beach, or are lucky enough to have your own pool, we have a list of 11 inflatables that are weird enough to be a necessity. During a recent trip of ours, Penn found this floating family room for us all to lounge in. When we put it in the ocean, one adult always had to make sure it was anchored. We had fun laughing at how ridiculous it was. It was a fun memory for a weird summer.

For Lounging

Nothing says Summertime like sitting on a blown-up piece of plastic that’s been warmed in the sun. Here are some fun alternatives to the basic ole donut float:

  1. Inflat-A-Bull: This one gets extra points for being so pun-ny! Get it for the kids but keep it for your future reunion with college friends.
  2. T-Rex Float: Stand out and keep people away with your terrifying dinosaur floatie! If it’s too scary, there is always a giant unicorn or avocado with the pit!
  3. Chicken Fight: If your kids are always fighting over their favorite pool float, get them two and have them fight while on their floats!
  4. Convertible Car: Ride around (the edges of the pool) in style with this 8-foot-long car-shaped float.

For Entertainment

Keep the kids busy with these backyard water inflatables that require some sweat…even after you finish blowing them up. (Speaking of, please don’t try to blow these up without a pump.)

  1. Unicorn Sprinkler: If you’ve been wondering the true meaning of a unicorn horn, look no further than its purpose as a sprinkler to keep everyone cool on a hot day.
  2. Dino Ring Toss: Part water sprinkler. Part yard game. Full time fun.
  3. Floating Basketball Hoop: If you are missing the NBA and Steph Curry on your screen, no need to fret. Practice your trick shots in this floating bball hoop.
  4. Floating Tic-Tac-Toe: If triple-T is more your speed, get this mega-board in the water.

For Dry Land

Who says all inflatables need to float? These three are perfect for your next getaway…or just a fun backyard getaway from your normal routine. 

  1. Bowling Set: No need for bumper lanes with these oversized bowling pins!
  2. Roller Wheel: Find your inner-hamster with this four foot rolling wheel. Endless and endless and endless fun!
  3. Belly Bumpers: If you aren’t ready for the big leagues of the roller wheel, grab some belly bumpers to train your mini-Sumos.

What do you think of these off-the-wall inflatables? Any you would grab? Any we missed? How are you enjoying the outdoors this Summer?

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