20 Things Kids Today Will Never Understand

One night, watching a movie, we were wondering what other acting experience the child star had – so we went to our devices and came up with the answer in 12 seconds. (None. The child star of The Adam Project, Walker Scobell, has no other professional acting credit.)

I laughed and I did the thing that made me sound very old and said, “You know kids, when I was your age, we didn’t have instant answers to all life’s trivia questions. We had to read newspapers or books for answers. ”  

They stared at me blankly, grabbed a handful of popcorn, and turned the volume up on the movie. (A movie that they didn’t have to rent at Blockbuster, mind you.) 

It got us thinking. What are some things kids today will NEVER understand?

Here’s our list: 

  1. Blowing into your video game to get it to work again. 
  2. Rewinding mix tapes with a pencil.
  3. Recording your favorite song off the radio station by hitting play and record at the precise right moment.  (bonus if you didn’t get any of the DJ talking over the song!)
  4. Using toothpaste to cure your acne.
  5. Looking up words in an actual dictionary.
  6. The glorious sound of dial up internet.
  7. Answering the phone without knowing who is calling.
  8. The thrilling feeling of walking into a Blockbuster on a Friday night. (And late fees if you forgot to “Be Kind and Rewind”.)
  9. Not being able to be on the phone and the computer at the same time.
  10. Having to get up and walk to the TV to change the station.
  11. Calling time and temperature to get the day’s forecast.
  12. Using cameras with film and having to get the film developed.
  13. Looking up a phone number in the phone book. (Remember phone books?!?)
  14. Using a massive encyclopedia to research your school paper.
  15. Paying long distance charges for calls.
  16. Writing notes to your friends in class (no texting!)
  17. Looking up movie times in the newspaper or calling the movie line and having to wait until the movie you wanted was announced in the rotation.
  18. The sound of the disposal camera winding as you prepared to snap your next great picture.
  19. If you were lucky enough to have cable, MTV played actual music videos!
  20. Having to watch your favorite show on the exact day and time it was on TV.

What other things will kids today will never know about? Tell us in the comments! 

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