A Clueless Mom’s Guide to Spring Fashion

There was a time when I could walk into my closet and feel confident with what I picked. I don’t know if it’s my age or the ever-changing styles, but I’ve been feeling a little lost in the fashion department. With all the very important things happening in this world, I felt so silly to worry about a skirt that doesn’t fit or jeans that may no longer be in style. 

But let’s get real: The clothes we wear have the power to transform our mood. And lately, I’ve realized –  I need some fashion therapy. 

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I tend to reach for my “uniform” (jeans and a top) but I’m challenging myself to take small steps to get out of my fashion comfort zone. I felt like I finally found a pair of skinny jeans I liked but now my 16-year-old says we’re back to the wide-legged denim of my youth.  

Recently, I called Heidi Watson, the Chief Creative Officer at Evereve, a fashion and styling company, and where I tend to find most of my clothes, for some fashion therapy. 

Heidi was sympathetic, after all, she sees it all the time. “The entire fashion construct is one that speaks to youth. But you don’t want to dress like your teenage daughter and you don’t want to dress in a way that feels too old, either.”

I don’t hate my body but it feels like the announcement they make on airplanes: “Items have shifted during flight.” I think that’s part of my struggle and I know I’m not alone. My body is changing and my clothes don’t fit the same way. But I still want to feel confident and relevant. 

On top of that, Heidi added, “We’re juggling so much and for some reason, we expect to be able to solve fashion too.”

Spring Is Here

She recommends finding an honest friend whose style you admire or a stylist in a store to help offer suggestions.  Speaking of suggestions, I asked Heidi what we can layer into our wardrobe to feel up-to-date for the Spring. 

1. Think Pink

You’ll notice pink is everywhere right now. 

Heidi admits, “Pink can be polarizing. Especially if you’re not a feminine dresser. But it’s easy to wear, it warms up skin tones. It can be feminine and fierce. Barely blush or floral Barbie pink.”

This t-shirt dress from Target is a great example of keeping it feminine but still casual.

You know I love a long floral number. Here’s another dress from Target that seems like an easy yes.

2. Relaxed In Denim

“We’ve heard this adage that if you’ve worn a trend once, you shouldn’t wear it again. That’s false!”  She added, “Yes, we all wore bootcut jeans twenty years ago, but the styles are different and there are some fun options now. The silhouettes are definitely wider now than a few years ago, but there’s a whole wide world out there that’s not denim.

I’m truly a fan of this wide-leg option, as well as, this slouchy jean. There are even ones available in a lighter shade from Target.

Heidi also recommended looking for a relaxed utility pant. It’s a fun way to add color but stay neutral. 


3. Make a Statement

Heidi said, “There’s no silhouette that can make you feel as uniquely fierce as a dress. Look for a bold color or print, something that makes you feel empowered and confident.” She added that it doesn’t need to be dressy, something you could wear with those statement flats or a fun sneaker will work too. 

I’m already obsessed with Evereve’s Calypsyo dress, but I also snagged their Terry dress.

This sleeveless number from Target definitely checks all the statement dress boxes. I can see this green eyelet dress being a big hit at the Easter egg hunt.

4. Stand Out In Comfort

When I was a reporter working in New York City, I remember walking all over the city in heels. I don’t know if it was the pandemic or my age, but I’ve lost the ability to wear shoes that cause the slightest bit of discomfort. 

I was thrilled to hear Heidi tell me things like flats and clogs are all the rage. She recommends looking for a print, a color, or even a woven texture (like their Atomic Sandal) to help them stand out. 

5. Layer Accessories 

Heidi likes the curated look of layering jewelry. Something like several necklaces of different lengths and a chunky natural stone ring can pull together an outfit.

Grab these blue stone bangals, colorful beaded bracelets, or statement ring from Evereve.

If You Love It, Wear It

Lastly, I asked Heidi if there was anything we should be ditching from our closets. I really loved her response:  “While it’s certainly a worthy exercise to donate clothes you no longer wear, never feel shame for hanging onto something you love. If you love it, and it works for you, wear it!” 

So that means I’m hanging on to my skinny jeans – but I’m currently on the hunt for some pink clogs to bring them into the next season.